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    922 beta Program

    I have been busy at the office but got a chance to play with the 922 a bit last night and tonight, and the new software is a big improvement, but the unit still has a long way to go. Don't know if anyone reported this but in the web browser there is now a onscreen keyboard which lets you browse...
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    Good News

    Thank God! It has been about a month since the last release.
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    922 Beta Done?

    I got an email overnight thanking me for participating in the 922 beta and asking me to fill out a final survey. I hope this is not the end of the beta, as this thing is NOT ready for the public. One thing I noticed at the beta feedback site is the picture of the 922 now shows the 922 with...
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    New Software APK1

    I got to play with it last night and I am now seeing menus, the guide, and on screen graphics when using the sling. I was not getting this the other day. The menus are different on TV2 via the sling then they are on TV1. Very cool, its coming a long. I wonder when they are going to turn on...
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    New Software!

    Just checked here, I cant access the Slingbox on the 922 with the new software as well.
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    New Software!

    I notice a difference, my recordings now record. On the software which came out earlier this week nothing would record. I am missing my channel logos in the guide as well.
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    New Software!

    I got the update, and it looks much better however I feel it still has a long way to go before it is released. I have found myself using the red reset button a lot since the new software came yesterday. I also do not like it that it appears the only way you will be able to watch your 922's...
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    NOTICE: 922 Hard Drive Format Coming

    Nothing yet here, all recordings are still there. Are there any updates Scott?
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    NOTICE: 922 Hard Drive Format Coming

    Glad I don't have anything recorded. :)
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    922 Sling Photos

    Its supposed to be like the Pro HD box. But at the moment its not. With that said Dish says the feature is not working, so those folks who have it working in their shops are lucky.
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    VIP 922 coming my way...

    I have a 922 and to activate mine they wouldn't let me activate it on my home account, said I had to activate it as a showroom account. Had no problems getting it activated on the showroom account.
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    Huge feature for Vip 922 Final Release

    I would like to see the 922 have an icon on the desktop for MLB.TV. Since its hooked up to the internet there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to watch MLB games on my 922.
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    Dish Programming Changes (Effective August 1st)

    That worked for me, thanks!
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    922 Sling Photos

    Nope if I hit the guide button the the remote the guide pops up on the screen and also on the sling screen. My understanding is that this wont be the case when they really start working on the Sling portion. They just got the TV2 portion working on the box with the last release.
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    922 Sling Photos

    So far it appears that it is on television one. But I am sure that is going to change.