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    Question about wiring, and pole for C-Band dish

    my 24" actuator can get me from 72west to 139 west... not sure how far an 18" will span...
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    Fortec Star 1.8m Polar Mount Help

    just google "satellite declination table"... or use dishpointer for elevation, true north, etc...
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    Got a hot AZbox?

    nice... any pics from that mod??
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    C band set up - cannot lock on any birds

    just because the dish was located close to you... doesnt mean the elevation/ declination was set up properly in the first place...
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    Is this a good deal?

    if the actuator is new... its worth around $70- $75... and why would a mesh dish need to be washed??? :confused:
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    Got a hot AZbox?

    I also use a laptop cooling pad with my AZ, and Pansat9200... keeps things running cool :)
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    Tallest Dish on a Pole

    cool pics anole... :)
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    Adding panels extra to a 6'

    so did you recalculate the focal point and adjust it? or did you just add panels to the dish and left the lnbf/ scalar where it was?
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    922 connections to actuator

    here is a pic that might help you out...
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    Need help aiming huge BUD with 3 point mount

    cool dish... :) seems like overkill if all you are after is the radio stations on amc8. a 10 or 8 footer would do you fine...
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    10-12' Solid Bud in Sherman NY

    it for sure doesnt have a lnbf... looks like a lna and downconverter... the actuator looks totally rusted out , I doubt it would even move. 1000$ for an old heavy dish fibreglass dish... good luck with that one... mabey 100$ is a better asking price...
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    . . . Is anything there. . . . ?

    there is around 20 in the clear Cband channels too... some dvb-s2...
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    can I get NASA HD TV in Canada?

    if you mean my job.?.?... I'm a slot machine repair man, I work @ the bars and casinos in the area... when I'm not workin; I play foosball, watch football, and play with my satellite dishes... :up:
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    can I get NASA HD TV in Canada?

    I'm in northern SK, and could get it with my 6 footer... there is 4 SD channels, and 1 HD channel in that mux
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    Suggestions for using an existing ground mount for a heavier dish?

    I think you will be fine with 640 lbs of concrete holding that pole in place...