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    DirecTV HR20 & VIP622 Shootout from CNET

    the reason I like native passthrough is to use the non-linear stretch from my tv rather than allowing the box to stretch 4:3 items.
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    Good Install Experience

    Amongst the myriad of stories regarding bad installs, I thought that I would post a story of a great install. I ordered the HR20 and AT9 from D*’s website on a Wednesday and set up installation for the following Saturday morning. I was upgrading from an 18” round dish installed by Voom and...
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    How do I get rid of on-screen time display?

    I was reading about Direct-tivos on a different tivo forum (I just got one) and there was a whole list of button sequences that you can punch into your remote to get different results. I believe that the clock issue you are talking about was one of them.
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    Thanks to VE

    I know how people love to hear about their sponsors doing great, so I will add one more thread to the pile. It was super easy and painless for me to switch over to Direct (from Voom) with Robert at Value Electronics. I went all summer w/ only OTA, mostly because there is never anything great...
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    great install here in ohio today :)

    Hooray for a decent install here in Columbus. Wish I had the same when I was installed, but no biggie now. I am getting all 4 networks in my location, and I am just a tick away from getting WWHO-DT. My signal bounces from 84 to 79. No signal on PBS but they don't have much in programing...
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    Service Call in Cincinnati: A Tale of Woe

    sorry tyork not t"v"york..... my hands get jumpy when I am typing.
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    Service Call in Cincinnati: A Tale of Woe

    brazilplayer, just to let you know, you are definatly not alone in your situation with prostardigital. I had a similar runin with them last month where they no showed on me 3 times for an initial installation in Columbus and voom basically washed their hands. They did give me a $25 credit...
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    Need Help with Aspect Ratio

    I am having trouble with the aspect ratio for my HDTV. I have a Toshiba HFX83 CRT and am running the voom box via DVI. What is happening is that I have noticed that the sides of the picture on the HD channels has been cut off. On the World Sport Soccer games, I only catch half of the team's...
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    Any voomers in/around Columbus, OH

    what a headache well, after the tech called me at noon (scheduled for 11) and told me his car broke down. i told him to get someone else out today. Keeping this story short, (i have already kept the others quite long) I got an installer out to my house around 6:00 after quite a few phone...
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    OTA Not Coming in

    robert, Thanks for that suggestion. After I did the scan, I hit green to save and continue and then went to the verify voom and wham, I now get fox. Sean, I do get the program guide info, and it is listed on antennaweb. However, after looking at that new info, it seems tat I should be...
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    OTA Not Coming in

    Newbie here trying to get my local FOX station (WTTE-28 Columbus OH) I have scanned the locals and come up with a signal strangth of 87 for WTTE. WSYX ABC is located on the same tower and it has a strength of 99 (more power i think). Anyways, I am getting ABC to come in, but for WTTE I am...
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    Any voomers in/around Columbus, OH

    Pro Star Tech arrived yesterday (12/15) right on time (Yay!). And after working for aobut 3 hours in the dark and cold, he was having trouble finding signal. I really thanked him for trying, but we needed to reschedule for daytime, the roof was starting to get icy and it just wasn't safe for...
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    Any voomers in/around Columbus, OH

    Pro Star Dropping the Ball I must say that I am quite discouraged with Voom service. I was scheduled for an install on 12/11 only to have a no show/no call. It was rainy and snowy in the morning so I was quite willing to accept that I might not get installed that day, but not receiving a...