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    Five or Six TVs??

    What are our options if we want to have 5 or 6 TVs hooked up. I understand that right now they will only lease you 4 receivers? 5 will be HD, if we have a 6th it will be standard.
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    No refund, is this normal??

    So we moved from our apartment with Dish to a house that already has TWC, so we dropped dish for the time being (might go back to it at the end of this year). We paid $103 at the beginning of August for July 28-August 27th. We shipped back the equipment on August 14th, and so I got a notice...
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    Lets say we move into a house and we need 5 TVs hooked up

    by independent I'm assuming you mean they can tune to their own channels and not just mirror. I'm moving into a house with 4 total people. 1 HDTV in living room (with DVR), 1 HDTV in 3 of our bedrooms [4 total so far], and maybe a final SD TV in the latest roommates bedroom. Since there's the...
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    Lets say we move into a house and we need 5 TVs hooked up

    If I understand it right, Dish will only provide up to 4 rooms worth of equipment, is that right? And lets say all 4 of our TVs are HD, they will allow us to have 4 HD boxes, as opposed to 2 dual tuners (that only provide 1 HD and 1 SD signal)? Now what about the 5th TV? Can the satellite...
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    Just curious... what's better - Dish DVR box or TiVo DVR box?

    We're moving into a house and might not be able to justify dish anymore (6 TVs... yikes). We might get a TiVo DVR box for our main TV, though... and I'm curious on the differences (I've never used TiVo)
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    How much does it take to move a satellite dish out of line?

    well we had a tech come out just now... he said the eye fried b/c it was remanufactured and some rain probably leaked in. told him that I thought it was BS that Dish is gonna make us pay $50 for a trip out there to fix THEIR faulty equipment, and he agreed and gave me another, extra eye to...
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    How much does it take to move a satellite dish out of line?

    We had a fairly windy storm last Friday, and since then we've completely lost a satellite signal. Is this likely/possible, or did something else potentially happen? It was MAYBE gusts to 40, but I doubt it was even that high... so I''m kind of surprised that we're getting 0 signal (our box has...
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    Question about dish sling

    Are there any plans to be able to watch your DVR programs via the internet? Cause that would be sweet as hell.
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    Free HBO for Obama Inauguration Party?

    I don't have any additional information except that I heard HBO is opening up the airwave or whatever, meaning that anyone can just 'tune in.' I would imagine that Dish will pick up this broadcast and redistribute it for us.
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    schedule online?

    I saw a setup on my receiver to register it so I could schedule things online. Go to the website, register, and then all it says is "Coming soon - scheduling online!". Kinda lame. Anyone have a date on when this'll actually be possible?
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    sorry I don't know what this means, I live in Austin TX and I have two dishes right now. Does this mean I will only need 1 dish soon?
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    Fox Sports Southwest and the many versions

    it wasn't on any of the alt channels. but it was part of the PPV gameplan package, which means they have to have the feed, right? edit: well, it didn't list it on the guide
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    Fox Sports Southwest and the many versions

    So Fox Sports Southwest actually has different versions of it. I can tell you for sure that the one in Dallas, TX is different than here in Austin, TX. We missed out on a Texas basketball game because we were getting the best damn sports show from Dallas, great. Their customer service is full...
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    Recordings to external hard drives?

    any chance that there are programs out there to decrypt it? Looking for archival copies for my PC ;)
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    Recordings to external hard drives?

    Does this record-out in a format that can be read by my PC? Or is it some proprietary format that'll only work with the DVR?