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    Remote on Hopper Not very responsive

    i was able to order the Dish Network Hopper Antenna Extender. It it $10 for each. It was easy...I just contact tech support and asked for Hopper Antenna extender. When it hit my account it showed up as a "922 Remote Antenna Ext." Each cable it about 8-10' long
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    Question... Now that you have had your Hopper

    Hopper sharing my HDMI matrix switch does not handshake well with the hopper No service calls yet CHange the RF Remote Antenna thread's back to the RG6 connector so I can extend the range of my remote... I have my hoppers located in a different room. And make the handshaking work...
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    Stacking OTA signal on Joey client rg6

    can you stack an OTA signal onto the Joey Client line RG6? Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk 2
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    I have two Dishboxes which are located in the "Den" my 622 uses the standard IR address and the 722 uses an alternate IR address. I use two different Harmony remotes for 2 different rooms neither of the satellite boxes are in the room with either of the TVS I don't really want any boxes...
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    622 & 722 HDMI issue (Reboot Loop) Advanced troubleshooting help

    I don't know who the ebay icon showed up..... I did make the original post from my phone.... maybe I screwed something up.
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    622 & 722 HDMI issue (Reboot Loop) Advanced troubleshooting help

    722 and 622 works flawless when the 622 hdmi is not hooked up. But when 622 & 722 hdmi is connected there are problems
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    622 & 722 HDMI issue (Reboot Loop) Advanced troubleshooting help

    Why would the switch be causing both receivers to shut down only when the 622 is connected....switch works fine with other devices or 722 alone. The problem seems to occur when I use the 622 hdmi and the only when it goes to sleep
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    622 & 722 HDMI issue (Reboot Loop) Advanced troubleshooting help

    Ok guys, help me out.. I seem to be having some troubles.. My setup is as follows: 622..................722 | | ------------------------------ Monoprice HDMI 4X2 Matrix Switch...
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    ViP 622 & 722 Running Bug Thread

    For the last three days... my 722 has had really jerky video when viewing TV, but when I press the menu button (or guide button) and the menu (guide) comes up and the program then shows up in the little box, the video runs smoothly. A reboot fixes... but I hate having to reboot every day.
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    Lost Cinemax for a penny today

    Looks like it might be extended for 1 more year for me... on the front page of my Statement Dated: 01/04/2010 "We hope you have enjoyed the best variety of movies and top hollywood hits from Cinemax at the special promotion price of only a penny a year! The promotional period has now...
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    Tired of single dish signal..three dishes going up!

    110 - Dish 500 119 - Dish 1000 129 - Winegard 76cm 148 - Dish 500 ( I can probably take this one down now)
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    HDMI over CAT6

    One major advantage of the CAT6 over the HDMI cable, is that he HDMI cable can be VERY thick. I installed the 75' HDMI cable and it has a bend radius measured in feet rather than inches :( it's a stiff HEAVY cable. I also used the monoprice HDMI port-savers. That being said... it...
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    Guy Wire ordering help, please.....

    Did you try home depot or lowes, They should have galvanized cable in various sizes and turnbukles too.
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    The analog shutdown party thread

    So far in the Los Angeles DMA: as of 1:10pm 6/12/09 (I am only reporting the major channels) Analog 2 and 4 are on..but not showing the CBS/NBC programming.. they are showing DTV information Analog 7 is off Analog 9 is off Analog 11 is STILL ON .. and is expected to swith over at...
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    **Crazy bad American Idol pixellation problem tonight!!**

    must have been a problem with your local.. I was watching it on KTTV 11 over the satellite in Los Angeles... no problems at all.