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    How worried are you??

    I'm not particularly worried. I've been watching Echostar for well over 10 years now and it always seems the forecast is for doom and gloom and yet here they are, still going. Say what you will about Charlie and company, I think things are better off than everyone thinks. Even so, Dish has...
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    "Moved"; may need repair

    I wish, but SNY gets blacked out even if I order the sports pack. I'm considered to be in the Phillies territory. I'd replace the LNB myself if it were a practical matter for me to do so. The problem is that the dish is just out of reach (or at least getting to the LNB safely is out of...
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    "Moved"; may need repair

    So, I "moved" last year so I can get SNY for the Mets games (stupid really, I live on the border of NYC and Philly Markets and can get both from Comcast, but I digress). When I do a system info, my 61.5 LNB shows that drift was detected (e -9). Things work fairly well for now (I tend to lose...
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    What signals can you "see" at 61.5?

    07/30/2008 @ 6:45PM EDT Zip: 08520 61.5 Dish Type 500 ViP622 L5.12 1. 54 2. 58 3. 31 4. 55 (locked - name not acquired) 5. 18 6. NL 7. 51 8. 57 9. 18 10. 61 11. 45 12. 70 13. 41 14. 73 15. 51 16. 44 17. 40 18. 62 19. 49 20. 43 21. 45 22. 48 23. 58 24. 57 25. 53 26...
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    No Existing Sub can get Turbo HD?

    Sigh. I wanted to jump on the Turbo Platinum package once my new customer pricing was up (since if I did it now, I'd probably lose my credits and it'd end up costing me more per month). Nice to know Dish is making this impossible for me to do in a few months. Platinum plus locals and DVR would...
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    George Carlin Tribute

    It didn't show up in anyone's guide? I checked mine last night around 9:50pm (EDT) because a friend mentioned it and the guide showed the specials. I've got a 622 if that makes a difference.
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    Thinking about Comcast... Internet, that is

    Unless something's changed in the last year or so, it was fine back when I had cable service last year (and should be even better since I don't have to split the line with a cable box, yay +3.5dBm). Oh, good point! I hadn't thought about conflicting TV signals. I'll keep an eye on it. I...
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    Thinking about Comcast... Internet, that is

    Don't panic! I'm extremely happy with my Dish service (the 622 user experience completely blows away my old Comcast iGude), but I'm less than happy with my current Verizon DSL (I'm on the borderline of a serviceable area). So, I'm looking at moving back to Comcast HSI. What I wanted to do is try...
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    Black X External Drive Holders

    Given that 95% of what I record now is in HD, and I've been saving some movies, this might actually push me to finally start using an external drive with my 622. My only concern is that internal sata connectors are only specified to support up to 50 insertions (per SATA spec). While I'm sure...
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    Weird Problem: Upgraded, getting SD channels, but not HD

    I had DishDVR + AT250 + DishHD ($20/mo package) and downgraded to the $10/mo package yesterday. When I perused the guide this morning I discovered I had all the HD channels in the essentials package except for those that you need AT250 for (golf/vs, natgeo, and science). Called them this morning...
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    Website changes, can't print bill

    I ran into this myself. I see the problem in my case... their server tells the client that it's going to receive a PDF, but then it sends a html page instead (which says "The copy of your monthly statement is not available at this time."). It did work in the past for me, though. This is on my...
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    Dishonline active on 622

    Well, moreso, the chipset in the 622 didn't have full support for the codec they plan to use (or was it buggy?). It has nothing to do with being able to do HD and VOD together per-se. The Internet downloads need better compression than the usual mpeg2 or mpeg4 that E* uses for satellite HD...
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    Dish calling subscribers with THE BIG NEWS?

    A good idea in theory, but they'd end up abusing it like Comcast did. I don't care that Comcast is hiring, or that they're having a job fair, or that they have some overpriced WWE BS on PPV, or.... Yes, they did occasionally use it to let subscribers know about channel reorgs or new channels...
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    Guess it's unofficially official... HistoryHD

    The 34 I referred to was what they claim for AT250+HD at DISH Network -- Dish HD . Though you're right, looking at the list it only looks like 33 if you discount RSNs, premiums, and locals. Wonder where the truant 34th channel is (or perhaps there are 34 and they're missing one from that list --...
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    Guess it's unofficially official... HistoryHD

    D'oh, sorry for the dupe, didn't notice any mention of it before. And yes, I did think it was somewhat funny advertising a channel they don't have yet.