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    Welcome Package Help

    I will be signing up for this soon and would like some help in knowing which receivers are available and which is recommended for my non DVR application. I own a VIP311K, Can it be used in my application? The person I spoke with did not have any answers. THANK YOU, NZB324
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    Is there a way to set the correct time?? My receiver did not adjust for daylight saving time. I do not have any subscription services,
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    THANKS!!!! I can afford that!
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    I have been looking at adding this and went to the site but could not find the pricing after the 3 month free preview, Can anyone help on this?? Thanks,
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    OTA Programming on the Guide

    Thanks for the replies It sounds like more trouble than it is worth. I remember having a DTV receiver years ago and all I had to do was enter my ZIP code and the channels appeared on the guide,
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    OTA Programming on the Guide

    Is there a way to do this???
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    Thanks, I think that answered my questions.
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    So what business was it of the FCC? Does DTV still offer the service or is there another way to get distant locals?
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    Years ago we were Dish subscribers who qualified for distant locals. Is that option no longer available or did I miss seeing it on their site??
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    Getting Locals

    I am planning to drop COX and just want to get my area local networks. Does Dish still offer the WELCOME package and if so,where can I get information on the content?
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    Ranier Satellite

    Has any forum member(s) had experience with Ranier Satellite, either with their Cband programming services or their maps and battery replacement on the DSR 922; I saw an impressive ad from them with many favorable customer testimonies. Thank you
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    A note on Map Master

    I`m also in need of a reputable individual or company to replace the battery and install the map upgrade in my 922. I`m located in Southern California but am willing to ship my unit, PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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    Problem with guide and To Do list after reset

    Everything now working properly! Thanks to all for your help.
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    Problem with guide and To Do list after reset

    jimbo; The guide is now working. I`m waiting for the TO DO which usually takes a few hours. Thanks for your helpful suggestion.