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    2 hopper system

    I called Dish and they said 2 Hoppers and 1 Joey was not possible. I went to and did a sales chat and they set me up right away. First Hopper free, 2nd $99. I recommend the sales chat!
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    Returning to Dish?

    Sorry, I have been away from Satelliteguys for a while. How do I know who a dirt member is? Thanks!
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    Returning to Dish?

    I currently have DTV, but want to come back to Dish. I called today and was told that the only way to get 2 Hoppers was to have 5 tvs. (I have 3). Did I get a bad CSR or is there someone else I need to talk to?
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    Dish answer to multiple hoppers

    How do I contact the executive resolutions department? I am interested in the same setup. Thanks!
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    Two Hoppers now only $99 for new customers with top 120 and above

    I currently have DTV and I am interested in Dish. I called about getting 2 Hoppers and 1 Joey. (We have 3 tvs). They told me that this is not possible, and that I have to have 5 tvs to get a 2nd Hopper. Did I get a bad CSR or do I really have to have 5 tvs?
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    Special Opportunity for SatelliteGuys members with Directv iPad app

    I am interested in participating. I have been a DIRECTV subscriber for two years. My contract is up soon, and I am on the fence about going back to Dish. If there is something new in the pipeline at DIRECTV, that could influence my decision to stay.
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    2 HR-24's, share record list?

    I am having Directv installed next week. Will I be able to watch a show on the HDDVR in the room where the DVR is located at the same time that someone in another room with an HD receiver is watching a program on my DVR?
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    How Many?

    I am also leaving Dish to move to Direct. I will save about $30 a month. Once I get Direct, (Install is next Monday) if I add the OTA adapter to my HD DVR will I be able to record 3 shows at a time like I can with Dish, or am I only able to record 2 shows at a time total? I have not been able...
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    Directv Recievers and Over the Air Antennas

    I am strongly considering a move to Directv from Dish Network. One of the features that I like about the Dish receivers is the ability to attach an antenna to the receiver to utilize the OTA tuner in the receiver. Do the Directv HD-DVRs have the same ability? Thanks!
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    6/30/2010 3:25pm - Uplink Activity Report - 46 changes

    From what I read on the Charlotte OTA thread on AVSForum, UNC-TV shuffled its lineup around on several of its translators so that under the must carry rules the satellite and cable companies would end up carrying the subchannels. It is a way for them to get their subchannels a wider distribution.
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    HD Signal Loss Charlotte, NC Area

    All good for me. I get my locals off 129.
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    Dish Network on the Grammy's

    Ok, a celebrity impersonator.
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    Dish Network on the Grammy's

    I think that they are slapping Frank Caliendo in the face with the "No expensive celebrities" line. (True it is Frank Caliendo, but he is still a celebrity.) Didn't they even have him on a Charlie Chat once?
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    Soon to be IPTV operator

    I would check out Greenlight in Wilson, NC. They are a TV provider that is operated by the City of Wilson to compete with TWC. My parents have it, and they are happy with it. Greenlight: Cable, Internet and Phone Service for Wilson, North Carolina
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    embarq/dish bundle

    I bundle with Embarq and I am able to schedule online, but I can not access my account information.