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    [Viewsat] Viewsat VS2000 Ultra Terrestrial Scan

    I don’t think the ultra can do a terrestrial scan, most likely, this feature was to use as a loop for viewing terrestrial tv on older coaxial television sets. The viewsat ultra was manufactured before atsc has been deployed.
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    Low power c band signals

    Thanks for checking in on these signals guys! I just saw on another forum that intelsat is filing for bankruptcy, I hope this hobby doesn’t disappear! I’ve been using fta satellite tv since 2004!
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    Low power c band signals

    Thanks i will try it! The grit mux has no problem at all, it’s justice network who seems to be glitching in and out .
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    Low power c band signals

    Justice network on 97w seems to be dropping in and out. i get 60% quality then after 2 minutes the signal drops for about 5 seconds and comes back on. i’ve taken out the sathero outside and noticed that the signal stays at about 38% and then goes down below threshold at 28% for 5 seconds...
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    OTHER Signal Strength Weaker at Night

    In my experience, i find that lnbs with multiple ouputs tend to bring in less signal. Have you tried the geosatpro lnb’s?
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    Low power c band signals

    Has anybody noticed less signal quality on 58w lately? last year i was able to pull in almost everything off this satellite using my 6ft solid dish with a titanium c1 pll lnb and a freesat v7hd. i seem to be only getting the bare minimum signal on each satellite that i tried between 40w and...
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    OTHER Newbie just starting out

    What i recommend for starters is to go one step at a time. 1 fixed dish to begin with, then move on from there. If you like your initial setup and want to expand, then it’ll be worth it. Personally , i like 103w because it has a lot of feeds, nbc, nhk, cgtn and the music channels. 90cm is a good...
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    OTHER Question about using a Directv Satellite Dish with a FTA reciever.

    If you’re looking to get diginets on fta you will need a c band dish 6-8 ft minimum. You might be able to use a slimline dish to get some ku band programming , you will have to change the lnb and make a bracket for it. You could be able to get some of the strongest signals on 103w and 97w.
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    Multi-LNB Question

    Use a satmeter and some tie wraps!
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    Smallest C-Band dish capable of receiving Intelsat 34?

    Last week I scanned it in as “globecast” with my 6 foot solid dish + titanium c band lnb. Located in quebec city, canada
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    Government of Canada C Band Survey

    They are asking for a lot of personnal info, i don’t want them to end up in my back yard!
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    Thinking of setting up a BUD but have some questions

    I can receive the ctv channels on 107w with my 6ft dish.
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    6 ft dish

    If you secure it properly it’s great!
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    Help about feed

    C band or ku band?
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    6 ft dish

    I bought it on amazon. 215$ cad, now the price has gone up to 565$ cad!