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    Help with Tailgate Set-up

    I'll stick with the old non SWM 5-lnb then. Did not know that about the multiswitch. And yes, I planned on having HD, which I should have said earlier, as an 18" is much easier(and I'm begining to doubt if HD is worth hauling the bigger dish for). Anyone have any experience getting HD on an 18"...
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    Help with Tailgate Set-up

    It's a spare... I moved, and kept my old slimline. I was wanting to use the SWM so I would not have 4 wires and a multiswitch to deal with, as a tripod, slimline, and single rg-6 is cumbersome enough.
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    Help with Tailgate Set-up

    Hey All, Needed some quick input. Did a search, but could not find what I needed. I plan to try attempt bringing my extra slimline to tailgate this fall, instead of my usual 18" dish. Aiming issues aside, I was curious about the SWM set-up, since at home I have an old mulitswitch. With a...
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    Quick HD Locals ?

    So my market is just starting to receive HD locals. Does that mean I can take down my 72.5 sat, and still receive the locals on my SD receivers, or do I still need the 72.5 dish for the SD bedroom recievers? Thanks, I did a quick search, but couldn't find any answers.
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    What sat are HD locals on?

    Just wondering, bc I was considering "moving" to my parents house, about 150 miles away, and was not sure if a spot beam would cover that distance. Then again, it seems like i remember a list of 40 or so local markets on the 101, but I assume those probably were not in HD?
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    Amateur question, some help please?

    Hey all, I was planning on bringing an old spare 18" dish to my tailgate, and was wondering if I could hook the 18v directly from the lnb to the back of a single reciever, or would i need the 4x4 multiswitch and run the 13v and 18v to it to power a single reciever? Thanks for the help.
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    HD info on Channel 570

    Already at work, could someone tell me what this important message on 570 is, or if it is even being broadcast to consumers.
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    Perhaps you can solve my problem D* couldn't?

    Forgot to mention that I already swapped out the LNB for the 72.5, verified all connections, swapped out RG6, tried flexport 2, the works. Thought maybe a positioning problem, but I'm nearly maxed out on signal strength.
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    Perhaps you can solve my problem D* couldn't?

    Here's the deal, recently I moved my 72.5 to from a seperate pole to the pole my Slimline was on. Peaked the signal for the 72.5 at 100 on every transponder, nothing appears to be blocking it etc. Later that night, turn to my local, and notice I get the not available in your area error...
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    Just finished a self install of the Slimline, ? though..

    29412, We do not have HD locals in my area, so that makes sense for the terrible signals. Im guessing the national HD roll-out will all be on the 103b?
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    Just finished a self install of the Slimline, ? though..

    Hey guys, I just finished self installing the Slimline dish (or more like a re-install after I came out to find the tech placed it on a pole in my FRONT YARD), anyways, my question: I have readings of between 95 and 100 on all transponders on the 101, 110, and 119 sats. The 103(b) just let up...