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    Time for HELP

    according to these Google searches: minutes in a degree 1 degree = 60 arcminutes arcseconds in a minute 1 arcminute = 60 arcseconds from this calculated there could be 60*60 or 360 smaller steps in a degree online conversion from this minute second format to a decimal value...
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    unknown analog receiver - new to analog

    yes that frequency range is right for your LNB. Curious would this receiver also work with C band if you had the Dish and LNB?
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    Focal Point Question?

    This article may be of some interest to you
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    unknown analog receiver - new to analog

    possibly european? Interesting that it has SCART connections. I think these are more common in european countries. I could not read what their use was. - tons of models maybe one would look like yours. you also could open cover and look to see if any text...
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    newbie install question

    finished yes I knew this just listed XM rock to point out the first sat in viewable range not behind a wall/building. I already have the sat finder java program which is how I knew it was hopeless in my particular location due to lower elevations. I was trying for 4 days to get anything...
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    newbie install question

    tested again AMC-3 is blocked for me in my location First sat I might possibly see is XM Rock 115.0W. The next satellites are Satmex 5 116.8W and Anik E2 118.7W. had to be pointed at one of these sats. There are clear line of sight issues and it gets worse because the elevation...
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    Fortec 120 or 150cm Dish and MOTOR???

    Eirp this website could help see second calculation form
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    newbie install question

    again Okay tried again today with same results as before. Was able to see that indeed you do get a high signal strength on DVB card when outside no matter the dish setting. However the sf95 meter did not register anything at these positions. It is possible but unsure what exact...
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    newbie install question

    Thanks Thanks I am not giving up - knew there were issues with line of sight already from trying to install a d* system when I first moved here. This was just a test to see what if anything I could get while still living here. I have limited options of satelite to aim for several are...
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    Ready to get started with FTA!

    most likely exact same model but be careful and find a reliable dealer. curious did you factor in shipping into cost.
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    newbie install question

    no luck tried again today and it appears the no quality situation was caused by line of sight issue with trees and/or a building. only solution in my particular situation seems to be moving. until then I will not be able to use the dish unfortunately,
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    Analog FTA

    do you have the analog receiver first in chain? thought it came after DVB receiver?
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    newbie install question

    I was able to get my dish today from Fedex a day late by driving to pick it up myself. oddly the map system drivers use did not have my address. Spent a few minutes to figure out how to bolt everything together (directions were not very clear). it is either 85 or 90cm in size and came...
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    question about slaving a digicipher2 ?

    question Is there an alternate way to load channel map into the 4dtv receiver (via computer maybe) Thanks
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    New user...have some questions

    thanks yes I am sure you did. should have stated clearer as not working with a universal KU LNB versus a standard KU LNB