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    DISH’s Hopper 3 DVR Now Supports Netflix in Ultra HD 4K
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    Dish PQ tonight

    I also thought the PQ earlier this week was great.... Then my some of my recordings from last night (Friday 3/26) look just terrible. Heavy contrast and edge enhancement... Come on Dish........
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    Hopper3 and 4k Joey system Junk!

    So apart from some minor bugs, everything has been working fine.... Until this morning... Watching in another room on the 4k Joey, and screen froze.... tried to change channel but got the need to return to live tv to continue.. Kept hitting ok but it just sat there.. Went into the room...
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    U307 available for hopper 3

    Weird bug I thought I'd wait to report after new FW. Still not fixed. Thought one of you beta testers can report it. Let's say you're watching channel 200. If you go to the Tuner Activity screen, select the tuner with channel 200 and Join the show you lose most all OSD (info, transport and...
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    time for 4k avr, what about atmos

    No. The H3 does not support DD+.
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    the "I now have a hopper 3 and I have questions" thread

    Before I dove in and swriched to Dish, I remember a discussion on here regarding recording an in-progress recording. IIRC, someone stated that if you are watching a program and hit record, it will only record from that point forward unless you first rewind the show and start the recording from...
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    Hopper 3 - What 3 Things Would You Change?

    Even if you watch a recorded program ?
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    Hopper 3 - What 3 Things Would You Change?

    True... But it's a pain to have to go into the guide and record the next show, etc... It's nice to be able to pause a show, watch another recorded show, then go back to live tv and commercial skip, etc... Having to manage that shouldn't be required. One of the thing I'm missing from Directv...
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    Hopper 3 - What 3 Things Would You Change?

    1. Live TV buffers while you are watching a DVRd program. 2. Info screen that doesn't push video into the corner... 3. Screen saver on paused shows....
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    "HDR On" incorrectly with LG Display and Hopper 3

    No issues on my Samsung JS9500.
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    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    Make sure "Prepare for Mobile" is turned Off in the Timers Defaults
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    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    Install happened this morning.. switching over from Directv. Installer was on time, knew the drill, etc... Installed a H3 and 2 4k Joeys.. H3 is on our Panasonic GT50 Plasma, 4k Joey in BR to a 1080p LG and last 4k Joey to Samsung 4k HDR 65JS9500 set.... Only install issues... 1.)...
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    the "I now have a hopper 3 and I have questions" thread

    Just got my H3 + 2 4k J's.... will post in the got my stuff thread later... first question... paused in one of the rooms with the Joey... went to the other room and found the tuner page and picked up the program.. which also caused it to un-pause in the original room... is this unique to...
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    U304 available on H3

    Is this going to be addressed? It makes no sense why optical out works but the box can't pass 5.1 DD over HDMI...... As a side not getting my H3 and 2 4K Joeys today...
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    Streaming 4k through Hopper3

    According to a thread over at the Dish Hopper/Joey forums multiple users are saying it doesn't as of today and one said the Hopper doesn't support it at all. I'm glad to hear it is working, and can assume others will also confirm. Thanks...