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    Maverick Satellite MK1-PLL Contest

    I want one Thanks for the great contest!
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    Eagle dtv32 + lnb

    Another option would be to use the linear LNB and find CCTV on 95W or DoD News on 101W. From there, 97W would just be a small adjustment away. The Transponders for each are listed on
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    Eagle dtv32 + lnb

    This LNB will not work due to it being circular polarity. 97W and the majority of the Ku satellites with FTA channels require a linear polarity LNB. Services like Dish and Directv use circular polarity.
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    Satellite Nation -- January 14, 2015 Archive -- PCI/PCIe & USB Tuners

    Has anyone else reported issues downloading this episode on Android from the Satellite Guys Reader App? I've tried various times today and I am only able to get 77% of the file. I plan to try the PC later.
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    Contest: Enter to Win a Titanium Satellite PLL C-band LNBF - Ends Oct. 20, 2014

    Thanks for putting together a contest with such cool prizes!
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    Contest: Enter to Win a Titanium Satellite PLL C-band LNBF - Ends Oct. 20, 2014

    C2PLL Wideband, since my 10' bud has been so good this year, it deserves a new toy!
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    Contest: Enter to Win an Amiko mini HD SE from Titanium Satellite - Ends 5/27/2014

    I got my first FTA system in 2000. The 76cm dish is still in use today. The Samsung DSR2700 is gone.
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    Azteca 7 with English

    The same is true for the Aztec channels on 97 W
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    Need assistance from C-band FTA guys

    40° N, 111° W 10' Laser Dual LNBF Openbox S9 S 86 Q 74 No signal breakup or pixaltion.
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    two dual universal lnb and 4 receivers

    The thing that you need to address first is usage scenarios. - Idependant Tuning by all receivers The 9x4 switch and Quattro labs is the most versatile solution. This would allow all receivers to access the low and high frequencies without limitation. - Shared tuning of LNB switching If you...
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    The Dish Documentary

    Thanks for posting about this documentary. I had not heard of it before. I was able to watch it on Amazon. Very interesting to see the methods of making the dishes and the installation techniques.
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    DMX Hits on AMC 18

    The TPs I tried listed on lyngsat worked. Give 3800 V a try. Use 214 listed next to the SR and FEC. Both 4500x and 920 working. 4500x shows 3800 as ZK.
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    Reputable Dealers?

    I've also had great results when buying from Hypermegasat.
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    HITS upgrading to dvb s2 technology

    I called the programming center yesterday and they didn't have any information to.offer. :(
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    problem with INSPN channel

    Try options-6-4-4-Enter-Info If it is the ratings bug issue, you'll want to press info.periodically.