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    Can anyone recommend a good, affordable upconvert dvd player?

    I have Sony's 400 DVD changer. It's $300 at amazon and has excellent outputs in HDMI, Composite and regular old connections. The menu is a bit odd, I use MovieCollector program and print out a list instead of the list inside the dvd changer. It works great though and the price is right!
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    Pointing a Gain Master Dish

    Okay, I just dumped my DW4000 Direcway Internet system (.74M dish) for a new professional DW7000 system (.98M dish). I want to remove my old DW4000 dish, but it also has a 110 kit for directv on the side - here's my current setup Larger Image Here...
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    timetrax or the S50...

    There are many, many issues when it comes to recording SIRIUS and catching the Stern show. Since it is on the same time day after day, simply setting a radio to that station and plugging it into the line in on your computer will make recording simple from 1000 different MP3 recording programs...
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    not too happy with Sirius

    That's true, last I knew, SIRIUS on dish was a 200kps MPEG1 stream. The audio comes directly from SIRIUS too.
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    Sirius e-mail address?

    What are you trying to contact them about? I ask because not only may we be able to help you, but depending on what you are wanting to talk to them about, depends on how to contact them.
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    not too happy with Sirius

    It's impossible to determine bandwidth bit rates. SIRIUS Uses it's own CODEC so there is no comparable technology or bit rate. I can tell you that if you are saying that the music is at 13khz then you need to pass what you're smoking. The online streaming is at 34k and my radio on my desk...
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    Sirius No Different

    Okay, So I'm bias to SIRIUS. But here it is. I love 80s rock. XM has wind bags for DJ's. Especially the morning guy on the 80s. XM Plays TOO MANY B SIDES! That's right, stupid stuff I don't want to hear. SIRIUS needs a little more variety and they are actually doing it more now then...
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    Newbie with a Sportster problem

    You need to get a Ground Loop Isolator. That should fix you up!
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    XM & PGA Tour Ink Long-Term Broadcasting & Marketing Agreement

    It reminds me of the new UPN spring line up!
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    Police Pulled Me Over for Sirius Radio

    Cops have been trolling for many years before 9/11...
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    I Need Promo Code for XM Activation

    Yep, I just activated an XMPCR in the last month, used the old promo code from December, it said it was invalid, but I didn't get charged an activation fee. Too bad the JCPenny 1 year free code doesn't work though. I did get 2 recievers in on that one though! :D
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    Sirius Sound Quality Issue

    Well, SIRIUS is Not CD Quality. It is Digital though. That being said, it is of good quality, the typical person would say it sounds great, true audiophiles would say it sounds like it's been compressed, because it has. As for CD Quality via RCA cables, Yes, absolutely, you can pass CD...
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    SIR-ALP1 with CDA-9805 says 2004 and up, so does alpine's site.
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    SIR-ALP1 with CDA-9805

    It has to be a 2004 and up tuner. Your radio is too old to support Satellite Radio.