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    Anyone in the Arkansas area?

    I play around with it lol if I can help let me know
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    Contest: Back to School!? Win a MK1-PLL LNBF!

    somehow i ended up in advanced english class ..... sometimes life is amazing :)
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    Questions for prototype build of feedhorn laser tool

    the laser i used was a 5 mW it wasn't bright enough to see during the daylight, anyone got suggestions on the the power laser to use
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    Contest: Got A C-band Dish? Want to test PLL LNBFs? 3-Day Contest!!

    I have a BUD and want to review, the C1W and C1 PLL, too
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    How do I mount a 4" C dish mount to a 3" poll?

    Ken pictures would be nice sounds like you have a non-pen (penetrating) mount that has a 3 inch pole a 8 ft dish would need a large non-pen mount usually these are 8X8 the smaller mounts are for smaller dishes but most weld shops should be able to fab up an adapter if thats the route...
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    A Newbie with a 10' Dish

    Top markings is the skew side markings is the f/D
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    A Newbie with a 10' Dish

    I'm currently working in the Richmond area , so I'm close if you need some help will be off work on Monday & Tuesday
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    Picking Up My First BirdView C-Band Dish

    if you attempt to remove the lnbf be careful most all of these are aluminum rod stock (the support arms) and will break easy after being there a long time . a wire brush and a penetrating oil might help lots of threads here on sattellite guys on birdviews installs & refurbs and welcome: to...
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    Is there any kind of kit to use multiple feedhorn/LNB's on a single dish?

    ok i'm no expert at it but did get the chance to play with multi lnb's on one dish for a few hours last year . I don't get a lot of time to play with my dishes since i work out of state. this link shows several lnb's in a temp setup using conduit hangers. although they are flimsy and...
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    need help sourcing parts

    personally i would convert the 7.5 ft sami to a 4 pole using electrical conduit ( like Fat Air mentioned) probably the cheapest route . if needed i can get the length of my unimesh 7.5 length of poles should be close . i'm currently not close to my unimesh to get you a comparison on fd but...
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    Elevation bolt rusted

    I wire brush mine and use pb blaster tapping like mentioned above . heat from torch like mentioned above works also afterwards i clean nut and threads with wire brush & after installing i paint them
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    Contest: Win Anything on the Titanium Satellite Website! - Ends December 29th, 2014

    Best memories are going to Grandmas house around Christmas. Enjoying family and friends Then We would eat after Grandma and my aunts and mother had cooked everything we liked. Amiko A3 or ASC1 :) thanks for the contest
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    Here we go again..

    Dee-ann i aways like reading your posts :) not for the misery part but the story :) i have the other version of your dish which i hope to pull down next year and rehab a bit seems to have a bit of aged parts and hail damage ... 10 ft ODOM with 4 feedhorn support arms :) although...
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    C-Band Worth it?

    run fast , quickly and run far .. delete your browser history too ok you was warned :)