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    Sports Pack Benefits?

    He means, can he subscribe to MLB:EI next season WITHOUT superfan and still watch games on NESNHD and YESHD in HD without superfan now that those channels have been made national (and the blackouts would not affect him since he is an MLB:EI subscriber) The answer: doubtful. They will most...
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    5LNB install at apartment complex

    I live at a very agreeable apartment building, and they allowed the install to take place on the roof and even allowed drilling. Unfortunately the installer showed up (to his first job of the day) with a broken drill bit (he knew it was broken before he even left that day, he told me when i...
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    Dish Espn2hd.

    the final will be
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    La Liga is back! 2005-2006 season starts this month.

    agreed <-- big barcelona fan
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    Xtreme 0.3db LNBF (NEW)

    ah the joys of minnesota
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    Our UONTV Video

    yeah i would too.
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    Can't use USALS to go to AMC3

    you may need to adjust your elevation on your true south sat. peak that and you'll get everything else. try to peak the weakest transponder.
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    Our UONTV Video

    I am actually thinking of starting up a soccer show myself. perhaps PSB would like to join in?
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    New Fun Thread: You Know You're an FTA Addict When...

    Don't worry about this one. 1st of all, the FCC isn't requiring a transition to HDTV. THey are requiring a transition to Digital Broadcasting. Second of all this is for terrestrial over the air broadcasting only. Not satellite. 3rd of all, this happens in 2009, and will get pushed back...
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    New Fun Thread: You Know You're an FTA Addict When...

    yep. guilty as charged.
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    Fox Nfl Feeds on Intelsat Americas 6?

    i think that the NFL stuff isn't even sent via satellite anymore. i heard last year they started sending the backhauls to the network on fiber over a secure VPN
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    Invacom QPH-031 & DiSeqc or 22khz Switch ???

    i don't think the qph-031 has the lower band. i could be mistaken.
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    Please post pictures of your setups so we can see them

    My new setup I thought it was finally time to post pics of my setup. I got the LNB from pete, and the motor and dish from Sadoun. Fortec 90cm dish with U-bolt mount, STAB HH90 motor, and invacom QPH-031 circular/linear combo LNB. generic diseqc switch (which needs to be weatherproofed... a...
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    Sadoun "A #1"

    dang, i just ordered a dish and motor (UPS says they will get here tomorrow) and didn't know about the discount :( could have saved about $20
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    Is WEW gone? Iceberg uncovered!

    i guess it's my turn to chime in here with a word of encouragement to the iceman :)