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    having dish network in condo

    Thanks for the info I'm really torn over been with dish since 96
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    having dish network in condo

    I guess they would put the dish on balconie rail
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    having dish network in condo

    Hi need advice might be moving to condo ,is it feasible to have out side dish more than the 8 floor ? Would there be more rainfade and wind probelms? I live in miami fl with a lot of rain in the summer.Also when they run the wires from the dish can they do it without going under the terrace...
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    No onscreen caller ID

    try using another outlet that worked for me. Harv
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    DISH Drops AMC Networks (AMC Back on DISH channel 131)

    I have the older model and i have it wireless and for the most part works great Harvey
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    Did you get a free Roku offer?

    When i called i really didnt want a roku, since i allready have one for the last two yrs. They offered me one yr of cinemax so i took that offer . Everyone thats gets a roku enjoy, its been a great addon to dish. Harvey
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    Hopper and caller ID

    try another phone outlet worked for me Harv
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    sirius xm on the hopper

    Hi love the hopper and joey, yet when i play the sirius xm channels the music details do not move around. The question is wont this cause burn in? Thanks Harv
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    Hopper Caller ID Requirments, Problems or Issues

    Thanks everyone for there help, I fixed the caller id issue i had . Since both dish and i had no answser to my problem .I decided to try one more thing before i wait for a newsoft download. I put the caller id into a different phone jack and it worked I guess the first phone jack was overloaded...
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    Hopper Caller ID Requirments, Problems or Issues

    caller id no show on hopper and joey I have one hopper and one joey Hopper says connected to phone line and test says ok yet no caller id showes up on tv . Joey just says faluire on phone test when phone rings. The funny thing is all phone calls shows on history in both hopper and joey. Can any...
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    QUESTION - What Bugs or Usability Issues do you have with your Hopper?

    My caller id does not work ,I reset and it works one time and not again Harvey
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    Happy Birthday Mary B.!!

    Happy birthday Mary ,thanks for all your help. Harvey
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    Streaming with Blockbuster Thread

    Streaming on dish sucks, yet on the hand i do like the blue ray rental with blockbuster Harv