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    Just switched ti FiOS

    Since switching to FiOS I don't think I've got any Zone Alarm(free) alerts that weren't the result of something I did. The ActionTec router seems to block all incoming security threats. When I had dial-up I might get a couple dozen or more alerts a day, most probably from infected computers. I...
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    Is FIOS that GOOD ?

    Hopefully DirecTV will also move some of the HD channels currently on the 101° bird to the new satellites and improve the quality of the SD channels. Or free up room for more shopping channels. ;)
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    New CHannels?

    2/20 here too. Didn't see any new channels, but 3 channels (Versus, G4 and BridgesTV) are moving from the premium channel ranges to elsewhere. They are viewable now to all, but many people are probably unaware of that because of their current locations.
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    Has any one else seen 'screen freeze'

    Have you tried unplugging the problem units? I was having a problem with one of my STBs the other day, but unplugging it for several minutes and then plugging it back in fixed it. Initially I just unplugged it for a few seconds, but that didn't seem to do anything. It may not solve your problem...
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    OTA Antenna?

    Many of the sub-channels are available in the 850-899 range. For DC, 850-852 are the weather channels for NBC-4, CBS-9 & ABC-7. 853 is Channel 50/Tube Music Network, 861-864 are the channels for WEAT-26 and 870-873 are for MPT-22. Some good programming, but a lot of digital artifacts, which I...
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    Is FIOS that GOOD ?

    I would say YES! I haven't regretted switching from DirecTV to FiOS at all. Better picture and a better package of channels for a lower price.
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    New Interactive Media Guide Coming To FIOS TV

    I just wish you could create more than one profile/favorites list.
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    New Interactive Media Guide Coming To FIOS TV

    I just sit a DVD-RAM jacket in front of the display. I have noticed that if you enter and eixt the diagnostic mode the display is off. However, I don't know if it is wise to leave the STB in that state for an extended period or whether the display would remain off for an entire night. To...
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    New Interactive Media Guide Coming To FIOS TV

    I have the SD boxes. They are normally fast, but do get sluggish when recieving a guide update.
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    New Interactive Media Guide Coming To FIOS TV

    LOL! I'd love to know how they come up with the rating for movies. I can find a few non-2-star movies, but they are the exception. Maybe they only rate mvies they've seen?
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    Whats happening to VOD

    I've been very happy with FiOS. If I weren't I'd go back to DirecTV and take the free portable DVD player and other rewards they offered us to come back. It's just that there are things about FiOS I wish were better. I suspect there are people from Verizon reading these forums, even if they...
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    Whats happening to VOD

    Who controls what is avialble? I thought the networks did. I know the titles under Starz, Showtime and The Movie Channel are always the same ones that are listed for OnDemand on the websites for those channels. Starz:
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    Still noticing audio problems

    Haven't noticed any audio problems other than inconsitent volume levels between channels. I don't have the DVR though, just the SD STB (2500 model). I live in N. VA. The VOD I watch (mostly Starz, Showtime, TMC) is excellent. Sometimes the first 1-3 seconds of a VOD program is garbled, but once...
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    Verizon and Cablevision Agree to Terms

    Some of us are just impatient I guess. Tell me December and I think December 1st, not December 31st. :)
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    PBS Kids Sprout

    Yes, I saw it yesterday evening. Not sure how long it has been there. I've been waiting for them to add IFC, which they got in a recent deal with Cablevision along with other channels like AMC.