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    Problems with HDMI sound on Vip211 and Mitsubishi LT-40164

    I had this problem and a more complicated issue when I had my 211k connected to my Mit TV. After several months of going back and forth with Dish tech reps (and several replacements), I gave up and put the 211 on a different TV and problem solved. My problem was more comples, having to do with...
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    Dish 3d broadcast format

    I've asked Dish Network technical staff and they only say that Dish is not committed to 3d just yet. My question is simple, what 1.4a format will they likely use. (e.g. checkerboard, top/bottom, or side/side). I don't know what Direct TV uses, but it is likely the same. Now why would I like...
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    Having trouble with Sound and Voice being out of sync with the Picture!!! Anybody else???

    I have had this issue (on and off) for several months. It only happens with the 722k, not my 211k. And it seems to be more delayed on NBC stuff comming OTAR.. On playback it is imacted by how many other channels are being recorded. A nuisance...yes...but my solution is to turn off the volume...
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    Mitsubishi WD-60638 60-Inch 1080p 3D-Ready DLP HDTV

    I have the 60 inch 638 series DLP that I bought a few years back and was sucessful in making the set work very well (in the native checkerboard mode) by using only a Panasonic DMP-BDT100 player (about $150 at most discount places). You DO NOT need to buy the 3DC-1000 converter, but you do need...
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    722k Lock up

    "Lock Up": No impact on video. Rx does not respond to any commands via the remote except power up. Can't change channels, switch to DVR etc. Can't access menu, re-learn (button 0) and even can't power down. If you put the remote up to the IR sensor, it works,...move it back an inch and rx...
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    722k Lock up

    My 722k locks up (does not respond to the IR remote on TV1) This is often caused when I record two or more programs or when I switch from my recordings to sat. While a hard reset usually works, this is a pain when it is happening every day or so. What is wierd is that the IR sensor on the...
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    No audio ViP722k from HDMI

    I have this problem and it is driving me crazy with no help from tech support. When I lose audio, I ONLY lose it on SD feeds, but the audio feeds from the HD channels work fine (both sat and OTA) . Same for recorded shows,...only SD recordings are muted. Soft and Hard resets usually do not...
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    Ground Mount-Pipe Diameter

    I have dish comming in a few days and I know already that they are going to want to mount the dish on the roof. I want it on the ground. What size pipe (O.D.) will the ground mounted dish fit on. I have adequate views of both the eastern arc and the western satellites. Thanks
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    Selling DishPro 301: eBay violation?

    I do not care to know how card hacking is accomplished, but it would seem possible, knowing the card and receiver numbers, that a person so inclined might be able to fabricate a false duplicate card with a hacked up receiver. So I would also be reluctant to list that information initially, but...
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    Equipment price change-HN???

    I cannot find a post I thought I read earlier about Hughes Net having a pricing change on Nov 15th. (e.g. $300 for the equipment) Does anyone know the facts? Are we talking an increase or decrease? I am also seeing some dealers offering an additional rebate running from 50 to 150 in...
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    Orbital Location-Hughes Net

    Thanks to the both of you...there is a lot of good information there. I can see that my prefered location of the dish will not work for the 83 or 91 W birds because of obstructions. I would be able to clear the obstruction for the 99 and 117W birds at the prefered location. This...
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    Orbital Location-Hughes Net

    Does anyone know the orbital location of the satellite that would provide service to the East Texas?
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    Help with OTA Signal

    This is a common problem and it would not hurt to "try" the amp, but more than likely it will not help because it would simply amplify the signal a bit and not improve the signal to noise which is causing the failure to lock on to the digital signal. You need more signal and there is only a few...
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    Hughes Net Equipment Options

    I plan on using it mostly for web browsing and for software updates to my utilities and OS. No Video, or very limited. The 200M FAP should be acceptable most of the time (except when I do a new system build...which I do about once a month) on the least expensive plan. Anyway, I just like...
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    recorded shows end to soon!!!!!

    This happens when the network has a delay...particularily on the weekend where there are sports going on earlier in the day. I don't know of any way to add time on the timer without doing it across all timers and it would cause a problem if you are recording a different channel immediately...