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    Galaxy16 to launch?

    I see that Irony is dead but the God Complex is alive and well. (shakes head) Some things never change.
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    Cheapest AC3 Decoder I've found.

    Hello all, Back when I used to hang out in these parts, a perennial question was where to get an AC3 decoder on the cheap. That's why when I saw a killer deal at I figured I'd stick my head in and let you guys know. Complete 5.1 surround system including receiver, sub and...
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    What happened to Sadoun' web site?

    It seemed faster but I didn't get far... Home:receivers:FTA receivers:Fortec Classic Na - BOOM! Reload and page is OK It seems faster (but that might be a placebo) but the rendering was about the same. I can't get 6 pages before it blows. Sorry Sadoun, wish I had better news. EDIT: 2 pages...
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    lost with set up of hh90 motor

    Apparently in the wonderful, wacky world that is the FTA business, both Fortec and Pansat use the exact same model number (FC90P) for their 90cm offset dishes. The 2 dishes are very, very different. Not that buying FTA products could be confusing or anything. :confused:
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    "Force" an LNB to stay one polarity?

    Or just get a high stability LNB for 10 bucks (maybe 20) off ebay. You get a good LNB on the cheap and no worries. Well unless you decide you DO want to change polarity on the fly. ;-)
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    Fortec Lifetime Classic NA firmware

    The page IS written such that downloading Fortec's own software voids thier warranty. I assume it is written as well as the rest of the documentation and they MEANT to say third party software voids the warranty. But Horizion if you load it, let us know what it does or does not do for you.
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    lost with set up of hh90 motor

    You know... Perhaps the best advice is to skip all the books and gradated scale on the dish and use a 10 buck angle finder from Home Depot. Set the HH for Lat and use the angle finder to get it dead smack on. See also for a mostly related issue...
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    FYI- From memory that is real close to what I was getting on my X-Treme II when I was playing with it on IA 5 down here. I might try it later today if I get a minute. All things considered, skew seems to be the most forgiving of the parameters. Trying being plus/minus 8 degrees on Az. :devil:
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    lost with set up of hh90 motor

    Unless I missed it (when I search like 5 times) none of the gold sponsors sells that dish. Vendor not withstanding, I like the looks of that dish.
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    Space in the Clarke belt.

    Well.... Since it is the "Northern Radar Air Defense" one would think radar. ;-)
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    lost with set up of hh90 motor

    BTW- Where did you get that dish?
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    Looking for AMC3

    It is AC3 and you need to pump it thru a receiver (stereo) that can decode it. EDIT: Montana should have audio
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    ;-) OK worded poorly... I know skew is not determined by lat but I was wondering if being way south gave me more fudge factor. (ie: dish size in Canada vs here)
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    Well, I've wondered if it makes much difference that I am so far south. -- AND because I'm waiting on a new motor, I have my dish on a tripod and can only see near TS on the arc. I don't have the experience to tell you how much each factor effects the performance. Ice is considerably north of...
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    Ok then my results must be more typical than I thought. I can move 5 degrees EASY and the NA can't even measure the difference. One of these years, I'm going to borrow a friends Birdog and see if it can see much difference. thanks