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    SXM: 0 channels?

    I have 1 hopper with no joeys attached that is missing them. My other hopper has 2 joeys and all 3 of those are showing 73 channels in there. Western Arc here.
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    Hopper Upgrades

    PM please whenever someone gets a chance. Looking at 2H, 2J upgrade.
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    Scott-Thread Idea

    And the same thread could post the names of the DIRT team and the hours that they're usually around
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    OTA EPG Info Incorrect or Displaying 'Digital Service'

    Just found another one for Denver last night KWGN 2-2 is showing ThisTV, just shows as Digital Service in the guide
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    OTA EPG Info Incorrect or Displaying 'Digital Service'

    Denver, CO KDVR 31-2 AntennaTV shows "Digital Service"
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    DISH Network and Echostar Statement Regarding PTO Ruling

    East Texas is known for being very "friendly" to patent holders, and that's why you see a lot of cases there. These companies will find any excuse they can to have their cases heard there. I think that's why there are an unusual number of cases get transfered back out. Those excuses don't...
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    Uncomplete recording on both dvrs

    I just had a related issue last night on a few shows. Both were set to record from 7-8pm, but one recorded 7:55-8 and the other recorded 7:56-8. Not quite sure why it decided to only pick up the end of the timer.
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    2/10/2010 2:07pm - Uplink Activity Report - 97 changes

    It used to be free with the subscription. They changed it when they merged with XM, probably to try to get more money out of their subscriber base. (Gee that sounds familiar)
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    2/10/2010 2:07pm - Uplink Activity Report - 97 changes

    Neither does having a Sirius radio and subscription. The online listening is a separate service and separate charge.
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    OTA not picking up any channels

    I've also noticed that the OTA tuner in my 722 isn't as good as the one in the tv itself. The ones that I can get through the 722 are very touchy, and it doesn't take much to knock them out. The tv itself doesn't have any problems keeping a signal.
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    The benefits of proper dish alignment

    We've had a little snow in Denver over the past couple days, and this is what I woke up to this morning. 119 was completely gone, but was still getting signal in the 20's on 110 and 129 conus and 45 on the 129 spotbeam. I must have had a great tech put this dish up.
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    922 beta Program

    If its a typical linux filesystem, "full" is 105%. 5% of space is reserved for the system and superuser so a full disk wont trash the system.
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    9/13/2009 6:27am - Uplink Activity Report - 4 changes

    It wasnt for me the few times that I checked.
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    HD Channels I Pay For But Don't Receive

    I know if it recognizes the phone number, it will access the account based off of that. Not sure what happens if the number isn't matched up to something.