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    Hopper 3 System Test

    Hello every single day our Hopper 3 runs a system test, is this normal or is it failing? Please advise.
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    Okay but still interested in what the darn thing does?
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    Okay I have tried to find the answer to this question, but cant seem to. What on earth is a hopper snap and why do I need it and what does it do? I have a hopper 3 and joey 3's.
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    Help with wireless Joey

    Yes but do I need to? It will not connect to it. What should I do?
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    Help with wireless Joey

    Hello dish could not help me with this and wanted to send out a technician for 75.00. I have not used my wireless joey in at least 2 years, Now it will not connect we are 3 routers later. How do you do a factory reset. And before you tell me to go to the menu and push factory reset I have...
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    Joey 3.0

    What is the difference in a 2.0 and a 3.0? Does netflix work better on the 3.0? Please advise Thanks
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    Why is there no Hopper 3 specific user manual?

    But but but but...... thats what the throne is for reading users manuals :(
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    DISH Hopper Carbon UI Testing Forum - PLEASE READ!

    Why would anyone want to be the first to get an update? Please put me on the very last of the list! I mean two years later when your absolutely sure that it won't break anything then send the update to my box. I can wait. Not in any hurry here. :)
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    DISH is dumping Chiller on 2/1

    LOGO is only on AT250 which is irritating. I have to pay extra for one channel for 3 months a year. Does anyone remember a channel called TECH TV that was awesome?
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    Local Dish retailer says new Hopper OTA adapter to be released January 24

    Why won't they let you buy two of these, plug them in and activate prime time anytime? I'm probably missing something else other then saving 10.00 a month
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    Hopper and Joey watching same show?? Mirror??

    I have an HDMI splitter so my office and bedroom use the same box its great! No need to pay for two box's. Now I'm about to hook the kitchen and living room up the same way, No point in paying for separate box's I can't watch them at the same time because they would be fighting each other...
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    Two Hopper 3's allowed on one account?

    Does anyone remember what the charge is for a second hopper per month is? Is it 10.00 or 15.00?
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    Two Hopper 3's allowed on one account?

    I hope they let us do it easily I need more timers, I have to keep deleting them to make more room for new ones 400 would be better.
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    U332 new software release for the hopper 3

    I wonder if they even escalate the problems or if they just send them to some mailbox no one even bothers looking at, most of these problems never seem to get fixed.
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    U313 for Hopper 3 is now released

    Omg I hope this fixes all of my crashes and reboot problems on Tuesdays!