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    Hopper 3 vs. Super Joey for adding more tuners

    I do run into a tuner conflict from time to time on my Hopper 1 with a regular Joey. While the H3 with 16 TUNERS (!) would certainly solve that problem, I think I'd probably be okay with the expansion to a Super Joey. How much money do you think I could save going that route instead of a new Hopper?
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    Fox News is back

    Posted my comments on the Dish Stands for You site. Never heard anything about a credit. :(
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    FOX News Channel/DISH dispute

    First of all, I'm personally thrilled that these channels are not available because I HATE them and feel very strongly that they are part of what is wrong with our society these days. Second, I just wonder if removing channels during a negotiation is now a standard part of the Dish strategy. By...
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    *Updated* Super Joey Upgrades

    Interested in replacing Joey w/ Super J.
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    DISH Price Increase 1/17/2013 (UPDATED!)

    Here's what I did in response to the price increase for the 120+ package - - drop Blockbuster at Home. It's not worth $10 a month when I have Amazon Instant and can get VOD movies from Dish on an occasional basis.
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    Where are the HD channels Dish?

    Here's my Dish HD annoyance (major aggravation). I have the 120+ package and pay for the Multi-sport package at $9 per month. But two of the sports channels that I care most about are almost unwatchable in SD, NBA-TV and ESPNU. I know about the Disney vs. Dish dispute but the more folks whine...
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    DISH Price Increase 1/17/2013 (UPDATED!)

    So, my monthly bill is going up by $6.00. Dish makes me some "special offers" to soften the blow, but they are really worthless to me and do nothing to ease my distaste for the the increased price. I'm getting the same thing I've been getting but now it costs me more. There is something that...
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

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    Hopper Upgrades

    I'd like to know my options for upgrading my 722 to a hopper and joey.
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    Dish adds Glenn Beck's The Blaze to its Top 250 Package

    Beck is a tool. Disappointed in Dish.
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    FoxNews Live on iPad

    Why in the world would anyone want to watch Fox News?????
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    SportsSouth on Dish Multi Sport Package Now

    NICE! I really enjoyed getting to watch the Braves post game show tonight after they beat Cincy 6 - 4. I've been wanting SportsSouth for a long time, and for this very reason - Braves coverage. I feel much better about keeping the sports pak during the summer now. Thought about dropping it until...
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    Any hint of MLB EXTRA INNINGS coming to Dish?

    Get a Roku box I'd recommend doing what I did for this season, so I can watch all the Braves games in Lexington KY. For $99, get a Roku box and connect to your broadband internet and television. The you can subscribe to MLB TV for about $120 and see every major league game in 720p. Not a bad deal.
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    ESPN Suspends Scott Van Pelt

    Speaking of pimps. ESPN seems to have become a pimp for the NFL over the past few years. The amount of coverage they give to professional football is ridiculous.
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    Dish's reply to my plea Here's my email to CS and the reply. I really really really want to see ESPNU in HIGH DEFINITION. One of the very best things about HD is the realistic appearance of sports events, and now the college basketball season is starting. I don't understand why all my cable...