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    OTHER GBOX 3000 Positioner Count Changing on Its Own

    Negative on the Ham radio. We're out in the boonies and the closest neighbor is about 1/4 mile away, so I don't think there's an RFI issue. Thanks for pointing this out.
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    OTHER GBOX 3000 Positioner Count Changing on Its Own

    Good point -- now that we're coming out of winter, I need to do a bunch of spring maintenance anyway. If the weather is decent this weekend, I'll check all the connectors and the reed switch. The reflector and actuator are going on 25 years old, so none of this would surprise me.
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    OTHER GBOX 3000 Positioner Count Changing on Its Own

    Folks -- I haven't posted in quite a while, which means that all has been well up until a couple of weeks ago. I have an AZBox Premium + and an LNBF hooked up to the GBox 3000 positioner. After not having used the dish for about a month, I turned things on one night and noticed that the counter...
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    AZBOX Duplicate DiSEqC 1.2 Position Numbers?

    Super -- thanks. I'll give it a try on a couple of strong spacecraft and see what happens.
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    OTHER GBox V3000: Delete Individual Stored Positions?

    Folks, In conjunction with my previous post about wanting to simplify, does anyone know if it's possible to delete individual stored position and satellite names in the GBox? I've tried everything, but, it looks like the only thing I can do is to to a reset and wipe out everything. I've...
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    AZBOX Duplicate DiSEqC 1.2 Position Numbers?

    Folks -- In an effort to try to simplify my programming on my Premium+, I'm wondering if it's OK to use the same DiSEqC 1.2 position number for the C and Ku sides of the same spacecraft? Right now, I have the C-Band side set to one position and the Ku side to another. Clearly, my GBox V3000...
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    AZBOX Official announcement and launch of AzBox United States

    Coming in very late to all of this controversy, I will just state that I had never heard of AzBox, let alone have considered buying a Premium Plus a couple of years ago, if it had not been for Rick's site.
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    AZBOX AZ Premium current sat/trspndr list available?

    I got way behind, had some foreign travel for work, and had to care care of aging parents in a nursing home. I haven't gotten to the new listing yet. End of March around Easter is my next target date. I can't seem to pull in AMC-7 or 8 anymore. I want to have all the spacecraft precisely...
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    AZBOX New firmware version 0.9.5402 for AzBox Elite, Ultra, Premium and Premium Plus models

    I also upgraded my Premium+ directly from 5020 to 5402. The picture is fine, but I can't get the dish to move anywhere other than Gal 28 (where I had stopped the dish to do the firmware upgrade). I can't even get the dish to move using the settings window. So, I suspect I'm in for a factory...
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    AZBOX Premium + Wireless Settings For Verizon FiOS Wireless Router?

    Folks -- I recently upgraded to the new firmware. Other than figuring I need to do a factory reset because I upgraded directly from 5020 (discussed in another thread), I can't pull up either YouTube or the internet. I know I'm connected, but everything times out. My router is in the basement...
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    AZBOX Trying To Connect AZBox Premium + To Verizon FiOS Router

    Folks -- I have a specific question along the lines of internet connectivity. Now that I have finally installed the 9.5402 firmware, I'm interested in using the YouTube capability as well as trying to play streaming radio broadcasts through my connected home theater. I have the Verizon FiOS...
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    AZBOX AZ Premium current sat/trspndr list available?

    I'm presently in the process of updating my list (Northern VA location) that I posted a year or so ago. I'm still working a couple of bugs with internet connectivity and YouTube after having finally installed the newest firmware. I hope to have something posted in about 2-3 weeks.
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    AZBOX New firmware version 0.9.5402 for AzBox Elite, Ultra, Premium and Premium Plus models

    I have had my channel list uploaded for about a year now and I'm due for an update. I was going to use one of the utility programs to come up with a clean slate. It sounds as if a factory reset with the firmware upgrade will do the trick. One question: I'm assuming I can keep my GBoz...
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    AV Receiver and FiOS Connection Problem

    Folks, I recently installed a Home Theater in the basement. The set-up includes a Vizio 55" HDTV, an Onkyo TX-SR313, and a FiOS non-DVR HD box connected with an HDMI cable. The problem I'm having is that every time I turn on the system, FiOS turns on with a screen telling me to set the...
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    Advice: Connecting Premium + To Two HDTVs

    Many thanks, guys. Sounds like I have a plan -- and a couple of cheaper sources of cabling.