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    Dish HD is going to Hell in a Hand Basket :mad:

    Joe, everyone is having problems with PQ because DISH is lowering bandwidth. They have compressed the channels down quite a bit and there is a noticeable difference. My local HD Cable feed now looks superior, despite their putting three HD channels per QAM channel! Similar reports are coming in...
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    UPDATE: I'm still trying to confirm what I have been told and will post this information once I have done so. I just need tobe sure that what I have been told is true. Not an easy task.
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    I am on the trail of some new information and if it turns out to be true, good God, if you thought this week was nuts, just wait. It will be explosive. Were are talking nuclear meltdown here. Developing...
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    Why, Mark? There is no reason to sigh or shake your head. Now that the news is out, people who knew, but were not saying they knew, are talking. I just got off the phone with a past source who couldn't stop himself. He spilled so many beans, I can eat off my floor for a year. There is more to...
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    The #1 reason for the Firewire going ba-bye is due to hardware problems. Problems caused by a company that simply cannot do anything right. Heads have rolled over this and more will fall. This is triple confirmed. The MPAA had nothing to do with it.
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    Curious thing about Dishwire on my new 921 ...

    On the 721? I don't have one. On the 921 I can take a picture, but I'll have to borrow my brother in laww's camera.
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    Curious thing about Dishwire on my new 921 ...

    I don't think any of this is funny. The same thing happened to a port on the back of the 721, a port that no longer exists on new models. It simply went away. This situation is deadly serious for me and I am ready to drop DISH as a service if I don't get some logical, official answers from them.
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    WARNING! 921 ports now covered over on newly shipped units.

    I just discovered that the DISHwire ports have been covered with a piece of thin white plastic and screwed in place. I just talked with two guys who received their 921's yesterday and they also have the DISHwire ports covered. Needless to say, we are infuriated. This very clearly means...
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    Avoid additional receiver fees

    I got "the letter" months ago and called. They said they would call me back soon to confirm my gear and set me up with wireless jacks. Never happened. So whatever on them. I have a 6000, a 510 and a 921 coming. At the time of the letter I had two 6000's, plus a 5000 and a 301, plus the 510...
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    Warning: Dish not replacing failed 921's

    No 921's will be shipped until the hardware fix is finalized. That is currently scheduled for April 11th, a date that may change.
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    DISH sent me a new smartcard today

    I still do not have a new smart card for my 6000.
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    Forbes gives 921 a mixed review...

    That review is very fair.
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    PPV coupon?

    I called and asked about the coupon and got a big fat DUH I DUNNO. Surprise. surprise.
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    Letter from Dish...No Superbowl for me!!!

    Was a reason given for their removal?
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    My 921 died today!!

    I have an SW64 switch. So looks like I am keeping it. I am actually keeping my 6000 receiver. I'm one of th lucky few who has never had any problems with the 6000. It may be slow, but it works and I don't experince bugs. So I'd be a fool to sell it. I'll keep Line 1 from the SW64 with power...