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    Japan earthquake wildfeeds

    There was a feed of TBS (and not the network owned by ted turner) coverage of the disaster at 99W earlier this evening
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    Reviews: SatHawk PVR800 WorldDVB DVB-S2 HD FTA Receiver

    a lot of credit is due to Sadoun for the hard work on this receiver. He's stuck with it, even with some of the negativity on the various forums regarding this receiver. I understand that working with overseas companies, especially ones that make electronics is tough and sometimes wires get...
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    121's Test Card

    thanks for the help guys!
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    Azteca 7 and Azteca 13 dead air on KU 93ºW

    i noticed it as well. I was recording it too. BOOOOOO!
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    121's Test Card

    Trying to fine tune my motorized setup, and I can't get ANYTHING to come up on 121 (my true south), but the rest of the arc seems to be alright. There's the possibility that it might be a LOS issue but I'm not entirely convinced. Have they changed the frequency for the test card? is it part...
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    GeoSatPro DSR200

    I did notice a couple of wierd little bugs (minor of course) in the last couple of days with channel audio, but I haven't successfully replicated them. Sometimes when going from an ITC channel to a Scrambled channel, the audio from the first ITC channel would play on the scrambled channel...
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    G19 Abu Dhabi Sport

    if someone spots camel races, let me know! this i've GOT to see.
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    Best dish for Galaxy 19 from Central Florida area?

    count me as another satellite av fanboy!
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    Focus point of 90cm dish?

    someone did that to me too! FTA GNOMES! i think i read a post somewhere that told me to push it up against the collar as well and i just skipped over that part of the manual. when i tried peaking my dish i found that the opposite was true and i, in fact got the best quality reading when i slid...
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    Plumbing Tripod for Apartment Install

    what do you recommend i use to attach the shims to the block?
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    Memorial Day, 2010

    i'm not to far from a former military airfield, had a couple of flyovers yesterday. scared the CRAP out of me. darn near knocked muh beer over. i pulled out the scanner to scan the military freqs. sounded like they were having fun doing flyovers all over california. sounded like maybe some...
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    Plumbing Tripod for Apartment Install

    I've got a tripod set up on concrete blocks and since my patio is slightly sloped :rant:I've got to shim one of the concrete blocks (facing south) to make it plumb. Currently I'm using those cheap vinyl shims from Home Depot, which work great except they're a little slick and the concrete keeps...
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    Coolsat 8100 Dolby icon.

    if you have a receiver that passes ac3 but not hdmi, you can connect the optical output to a tv with the same connection and it'll play AC3 audio?
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    Anybody know a GOOD dealer?

    I actually visited Satellite AV up here in Northern California. I echo singkwan's sentiments, you have NO worries when you order anything from them. Their packaging is beefy, well designed, and protects the HECK out of your dish. Their customer service is great too. It ain't a fly-by-night...
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    Deep Horizon Oil Leak

    i saw the ROV actually doing something today. first time i've seen that camera move and do something other than check the ROV's gauges. saw a report that they've only used something like 15% of a WEEK'S PROFITS to fix this. They should be doing EVERYTHING to fix the dang thing.