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    Your Favorite Channels on Dish?

    Have you looked at 292 Epix DriveIn. Reminds me a lot of the old Monsters channel
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    Is 72 up? (Signal Restored to Eastern Arc)

    You'll have to do it again when sats are back up. Leave it alone and it'll come back on its own
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    Is 72 up? (Signal Restored to Eastern Arc)

    Same here. No 72... Solar flare?
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    DISH Drops AMC Networks (AMC Back on DISH channel 131)

    3 months each. I've already gone online and indicated that they not continue after 3 months. Also got the Roku and $10 off per month for a year. I've been with dish since '96...
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    DISH Drops AMC Networks (AMC Back on DISH channel 131)

    I got the Roku, $10 off /month for a year, free Cinemax and free Stars...
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    Apple IPAD Owner's Thread

    There's an app called Skyfire that converts flash to HTML5 via a server so the videos will play on an iDevice...
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    SiriusXM Introduces SiriusXM 2.0

    I have lifetime Sirius on a 1st generation Starmate unit that has a very strong FM transmitter on it. It broadcasts what I'm listening about 6 houses down the street. Great for listening to satellite radio in the shower or thru my alarm clock radio. I doubt the new 2.0 units will do this .
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    Change equipment?

    The hdmi port on the 211s often fails... Just sayin'.....
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    Accidentally deleted all shows on hard drive. RESTORE??

    I like how the TiVo lets you undelete.
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    BBC World News TV Channel

    They need to have a CNN equivalent from all the english speaking countries and make that a package. I'd like that much more than any of the movie channels.
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    Problems with locals in Detroit

    Wwj 950 AM was off the air for 20 minutes too.
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    SNY Gone Tomorrow? (It's Gone!)

    Just had a chat with DISH online about my missing SNY and MSG: Please wait while we find a representative to assist you... Welcome to DISH Network Chat. MMG: hello? Lisa (ID: IPZ): Hello MMG. Lisa (ID: IPZ): How may I help you today? MMG: I've been without my RSNs for several weeks...
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    Front Page : Santa Bringing New HD for DISH Network Customers? (Rumor) Discussion

    According to the FTA forums, it's a family friendly, commercial free movie channel from the Hallmark Networks.
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    Freezing Pictures ???

    I have a 211. This is happening to me too. Happened before with a previous iteration of software about a year ago. It goes away if you bring up the guide and then go back to the program.