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    Hulu and Philo Black Friday Specials

    You can get the Hulu basic package with limited commercials for 99 cents a month for 12 months. Ends tomorrow evening. Philo has their 55 channel package on sale for $99.00 for 6 months. $16.50 per month instead of $20.00.
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    I actually paused mine around Aug 15th. When I was doing it the page said it would keep it at $35/mo
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    The Closer: Season 7

    I wonder if Gabriel has been saying things to his girlfriend.
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    2010 NCAA Football Season

    This is off of ESPN's website: 2010 NCAA Division I-A College Football Individual Statistics Leaders for Passing - ESPN
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    2010 NCAA Football Season

    Like I'm saying, who would of picked James Madison to beat Virginia Tech at home. Oklahoma is ranked higher than anyone they play at home, but doesn't mean they can't be beat.
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    2010 NCAA Football Season

    Tell that to Virginia Tech. ;)
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    Free HD for Life?

    The 10 dollars is per account not receiver.
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    Lost Finale party

    Ditto. Just my wife and I.
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    Urgent Answers Needed Install Going on Now!

    He is wrong on both. On question 1, you will be able to watch the HD channels, but they will not be in HD. On question 2, if I understand it right, you need to connect th the HD tv with either HDMI or component to get HD.
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    Tuberville to Texas Tech, Carrol to Seahawks

    Yep. I heard he told them that he was okay with them picking the asst. coaches.
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    NCAA Football 2009-10 Season

    I don't think QB will be Okla's problem. The young offensive line on the road and the receivers will be.
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    College football package?

    I really like Mattsarz's: Football 2009
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    What happened to VHF antennas?

    Warren Electronics is showing some VHF antennas from Antennacraft and Winegard Warren Electronics - Your OTA HDTV Reception Specialists
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    RAW for Sale, Come on..

    Probably just himself.
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    First Look: TV2 IR Converter Kit

    My slingbox would love to have one of these!