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    Suggestions for a good DVD recorder??

    Originally Posted by Oldman2 Check this out. I have bought from them 3 times and had exact replacement or better shipped each time. Fast service. I have no connection in any way to this company.
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    Suggestions for a good DVD recorder??

    Check this out. I have bought from them 3 times and had exact replacement or better shipped each time. Fast service. I have no connection in any way to this company. Here is a tiny to the same...
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    OTA Antenna and HR10-250 OTA Tuner

    PS 9370 is the power injector for all winegard 75 ohm powered antemmas check it out here: Works like a champ on my Winegard 2200.
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    If H10 not interactive, why the active button on the remote?

    Login to your D* user account and go to products. You will find the following info and a picture of the specified remote. I bought one and it is identical in appearance and function to the one that came with my H10. Note the "Universal" in the first sentence below...
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    Voom D* 200$ Rebate

    I had D* installed om 4/28. Got bill from D* and mailed in rebate forms for VOOM $200 and DVR $50 rebates on May 6. Had both checks before end of May. Converted to cash at local bank so don't have exact date of receipt. I remember the check number was in the lower 200's for the VOOM rebate...
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    D* Tivo commercials?

    Does anyone want to guess how much of a money maker the NFL Sunday Ticket must be? That goodness I have TIVO and watch very little live TV. I get to skip over that commercial !!! Worth the monthly TIVO fee just to be able to do that.
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    Any notice to the 1st 12 markets yet?

    DIRECTV Announces First 12 Markets to Receive Local Channels in High-Definition This Year New HD Local Markets Mark First Stage in Dramatic Expansion of HD Programming Over the Next Two Years Las Vegas, NV Jan 6, 2005 (The 12 markets are: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia...
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    Series II Tivo to H-10

    I have a series 1 Tivo that changes channels on the H-10 at a decent speed. I had trouble finding where to put the emitter. The window for the sensor is at the extreme right end of the window that shows resolutions. I found that placing the emitter head in the proper orientation ( so the RF...
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    OTA Signal Issues

    I referred to a DirectV receiver. Everything is incorporated into the receiver. It is not the DVR receiver so no comment. In the post following my previous one: " GLBorchert, there has been so much discussion lately that I can't find the source for you, but it was discussed that the VOOM...
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    OTA Signal Issues

    I can't post the url to the immediately following post. The site I took this from shows I have made 5 posts and still won't let me include a URL. Here is the path to a discussion of this topic: SatelliteGuys.US > Satellite Specific Forums > The VOOM Forums > VOOM Help Desk Getting power...
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    Getting power to OTA antenna

    Do you have a trouble light that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car? You could use it to check for 12 volts DC at the output of the power supply. Any similar low power consumption device could also be used. Cell phone Charger for example.
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    Getting power to OTA antenna

    I believe that the Sensar ll is the antenna used in mobile applications. I have the Sensar lll also known as the GS 2200. See here for source of my Sensar lll info: (I can't post url's because I havent made 5 posts.) Go to winegard site Select products Again select products Select...
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    Don't Know If Anyone is Interested

    Lori Hinchman -- has helped me out when no one else could or would.
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    VOOM "Shutdown" schedule anyone?

    However, the VOOM onscreen notice states that we will not be billed beyond April 30 which makes it appear that we will have service through the 30th.
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    Only 10 Days Left!

    He mised the BANGING at the door also.