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    Reception problems helped by reebot

    For several days now, my R10 displays "searching for sat signal sat 2" (it is always sat 2). when this happens, some channles are fine while others cannot be seen. This happens with or without clowds... The thing is that if I unplug and plug the reciever, everything goes back to normal.. same...
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    Frequent reboot of R10

    After 1.5yrs of flawless service, my R10 has reebooted itself at least 4 times in the past 2 days (and that's just the ones I notice...). Also, I'm experiencing picture problems mostly on the 500 channles just as if there was rain or clowds, but the sun is shinning... this is only sometimes but...
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    LA HD outside LA

    No.. just the regular 1 sat dish.
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    LA HD outside LA

    Thanks very much... I'll go ahead and get the Slimline 5lnb dish. As for the install, I don't know if it is substantially more difficult than the single LNB ones (I guess it is..)... I've had DTV since 1997 and I have always done the dish installs myself (more than 10 times.. plus friends) but...
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    LA HD outside LA

    Thaks a lot.... in this situation, which dish should I use?? the 3-lnb of the 5-lnb dish? Thanks again.
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    LA HD outside LA

    If my service address for D* is in Los Angeles but live in the southeast, what HD channels would I recieve if i sign up for HD programming, assuming I switch to the correct dish/LNB? I know of course that if I change the service address to where I live that would work, but there are other issues...
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    HD outside the US

    Thanks.. I'm close enough to the border so that a standard 18" dish gets me 80% strenght signal, so I guess the 3-LNB multi-sat antenna will do. So for what I see most of the HD channels are NOT delivered via a spotbeam and I will be able to anjoy most of the HD content.. right? Thanks again
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    HD outside the US

    So this means that the only channles that I will be able to watch in HD are the 3 locals?.. this means no HBO HD, Discovery HD, etc? Thanks..
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    HD outside the US

    I used to live in LA and temporarilyoutside the country, where DTV reception is still good. I kept my LA subscription and installed the equipment in my new home. I´m able to watch every channel, except local LA channles in the LA spotbeam. I´m thinking about upgrading to HD, but I´m not sure...
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    Conflicting TiVo information

    I'm sorry if this topic has been largely discussed before, but I do not seem to get a definitive answer on this... Does TiVo have to dial on a regular basis, or does it only need to dial during setup and then all updates are done through the dish? I've read one post that said that only...
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    New equipment on Ebay

    I just bought a new R10 reciever on Ebay from a merchant that sells satellite equipment. The equipment was brand new, with a brand new sealed P5 card. Now, I've been reading about problems when trying to activate equipment not bought either through DTV or a big chain store... is this true...
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    so many satellites....

    Zip 78520
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    so many satellites....

    I'm not sure what type of antenna(s) will I need for DTV if I want to recieve the total choice package + locals.. all in standard definition. For this package, will a standard 18" dish be enough, or will I need the 18x24" aimed at the 101, 110 and 119? what about the 72.5" ? The dish will...
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    D* DVR's, land line?, multi-sat receivers?, upgrade questions

    Do you know if I can use my previous phone line (the one they should have from 4 years ago) for activation, or will they know that the line is not associated with my address any more? They must be doing something as many people are just sticking with cell phones now... Thanks.
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    LNB question

    Thank you for your advise. I'll look into what type of dish it is and find the appropiate LNB