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    AZBOX AZBox Recovery Procedure for a box locked up in booting/checking/loading

    Thanks for the fine, fine efforts again Radar and Stargaze. Always good to learn new tricks in advance, good work.
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    Dev-Team JB Untethered JB Released Today 2/16

    I believe the Winblow version is sn0wbreeze 2.2, not sure.....Sn0wbreeze 2.2 (PwnageTool for Windows) for Creating 4.2.1 Custom Firmware for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [Download] | Redmond Pie. Can somebody confirm?
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    Internet telephone?

    +100 for Nettalk. I think not having the computer on all the time to make a call is excellent, $30 a year is waaaay cheap. Here is the comparison chart, I have the free application on an iPhone, works really well calling all over NA.
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    HELP! After FW downgrading from 9.5209 to 9.4717 AZBOX frozen with message "Loading..."

    The FW are good for all Azboxes. You have a premium or premium+ model? I am guessing this 4717 might predate premium+ and is not tested on that model therefore not working for you.
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    AZ Box what type for 4:2:2, dvr, dvb-s2 and DVB-T

    Yep, no ATSC tuner exists yet for NA, at least for the Premium+ model that I read about.
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    Question about planting poles for big dishes

    Good infos here I could use when I raise one up this Summer, an 8 footer mesh that I finally scored after a long time looking. Too cold and too much snow to really take some pics, but, I am excited:):) What kind of cement/concrete mix should I buy from Home Depot for a concrete pad for say a...
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    FTA Receivers and warranty

    The green tint on the SSO is not an issue if you are using HDMI to your HDTV. No sense buying a HD receiver to view 480 pics with RGB/Composite connections, right? Two DVB tuners on the AZ Plus would be good but I would rather have an ATSC tuner for an all-in-one box, I have the SSO as my 2nd...
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    FTA Receivers and warranty

    Simple:D If your receiver is quite a distance from your home network hub, then, the Az Plus with wifi would be the unit you want to get. If your receiver can be hard wired to the hub, then the Az Ultra would be it. The SSO is a good choice in place of the Az Ultra, much cheaper, but no...
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    first strike

    @tanka Please reply to PM..........thanks and Merry Christmas!
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    Holiday Specials for SatelliteGuys from Satellite AV

    Brian, does this apply to Canadians as well? Pick up/ship from the Trenton location?
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    6-Foot C/Ku Band Prime Focus Dish - Only $69.99!!!

    @Brotherhood JFYI, I could not justify paying about $113.00 shipping via UPS to Canada, not counting the customs duties yet. Totally not worth it for me, I can get an 8 footer for less than that, but, has no room for it.
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    Looking Into Majic Jack (Questions)?

    You're right, Manitoba not there yet...........MTS has more powerful mojo????
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    Looking Into Majic Jack (Questions)?

    I didn't get one yet just looking at other options to kick Bell out. I am more inclined towards as my solution, $50.00 one time for a "config" file and no monthly bills ever:eek: Then, probably hook up with for the better long distance rate outside NA.
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    Looking Into Majic Jack (Questions)?

    You are welcome:D Now go get one, then, teach an old fart like me how to hack it to use on a pap2t as I have no clue how;)
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    Looking Into Majic Jack (Questions)?

    Sure you can get MJ in Canada, now, available with Canadian least with the 647 Area code that I heard of.