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    Is Shaw 630 Receiver Reliable?

    What the key sequence for the hidden menu to dump the event log? My 630 is rebooting often Thanks Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Oasis HD Free preview

    Shaw Direct? Bell ExpressVu ? Or both? Posted Via The SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    problem with bell install

    You only need the power inserter if you are using a DPP44 switch. For BEV only, you would never have more than 2 satellites, so this switch is not required.
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    Is there a better way to get different local channels?

    TheKrell - are you a cop? Mind is on being at a doughnut shop ? ;)
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    Will Shaw subs south of Toronto possibly lose some HD nets after the new sat?

    I am getting Global Toronto HD (303) , and City Toronto HD (304) without any issues. Global Montreal (59) and City Montreal (97) are also fine.
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    Shaw set-up South of the border

    They would not need to explicitly look at them. Any basic phone system could capture caller ID and associate to the account, and generate exception report if not Canadian area code, without human intervention.
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    Shaw set-up South of the border

    If you do PPV by phone, then call from a non-Canadian phone number, that could raise red flags on your account.
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    Nimiq 91 is alive in NC!

    I am pretty sure I checked channel 536 (CHCH) for transponder 16. But cannot check it now, because it is raining here - so the signal is down.
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    Nimiq 91 is alive in NC!

    Transponder 13 was your strongest ? I talked to the seller today. The dish is being shipped today. So hopefully it will make it here from Florida by mid-week.
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    Nimiq 91 is alive in NC!

    Currently near Saint Louis Transponder 1, -0.9 dB on 75E Transponder 2, -1.0 dB on 75E Transponder 3, -1.7 dB on 75E Transponder 4, -1.6 dB on 75E Transponder 5, -1.3 dB on 75E Transponder 6, -3.2 dB on 75E Transponder 7, -1.4 dB on 75E Transponder 8, -3.2 dB on 75E Transponder 9, -1.4...
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    Nimiq 91 is alive in NC!

    How much gain did you get moving from 75e to 1.8m dish ? What were original signals on 75e ? Here is what I am getting with a 75e on a cloudy day: On 200, I am getting -2.3 dB On 536, I am getting -3.6 dB On 554, I am getting -2.4 dB I have seen 200 and 554, at -1.0 dB on a sunny...
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    77 interfering with 82?

    I was trying to lock onto 82 with a 30" this weekend too. (Not sure if 30" dish will work near STL, but tried it anyway). I did the same thing, it locked onto 77 and 72.7 (with a BEV receiver), and when it did, it waited to gather the satellite info. Is it possible that it re-wrote the TP info...
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    A big Canadian retailer explained to me exactly why the 2 nations wanted to keep to sat signals from

    Ironically, I am a U.S. resident who subscribes to Shaw Direct (I originally had BEV, until they changed their footprint). There are 3 main reasons why I prefer Shaw to Dish/DirecTv: 1. Time-shift U.S. Networks, the ability to get East Coast and West Coast feeds 2. The price for NFL Sunday...
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    Shaw set-up South of the border

    Update to this about the MagicJack Plus. The price has gone up a little. Price is $49.95 for equipment and first year of service (Additional years are listed as $29.95 for 1 year or $99.95 for 5 years) Canadian phone # is $20.00 ($10.00 for setup and $10.00 for first year of service)...