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    Ditching sling adapter

    I haven't been real happy with Sling either. Connection to it is pretty iffy. I wish DISH would do something like DirecTV does with their Nomad. That would work great for me since I mainly want to watch some shows when I am at my lake house. I could just download them to a laptop and they...
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    Hopper vs. Joey in living room

    I had a hopper in my living room and ended up switching it with a joey. My hopper was inside a cabinet and I was concerned about heat build up in there. My joey is now on the backside of the TV and the hopper is in another part of the house outside of a cabinet. I didn't have PIP before so I...
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    Hopper with Sling / DishOnline won't work outside the network

    You are not the only one. Mine works just fine. Just started a show on my iPhone while at work in case this was something that just started happening.
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    2 hopper system

    Not true. When I got my system I contacted a DIRT member and they set me up for a 2H/1J system right away. Use them to get your system.
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    when did s221 come out ?

    I just checked online and both of my hoppers are now at S221.
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    Sling question

    I tried it again and got it to work with Firefox. A message came up about Windows firewall blocking so I told it to unblock and then it worked. Just tried it again and the message never came up and it didn't work. I'll try Safari from home tonight.
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    Sling question

    Got my Sling adapter yesterday. Plugged it in and got it working. At first it only came on from the front USB port but then I put it in a rear USB port and it came on so I guess I just didn't wait long enough. I used the iPhone app and played a recorded show from the DVR. Pretty cool. This...
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    Sling setup

    My sling adapter should be delivered today. Glad I saw this thread so now I know what to do.
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    when did s221 come out ?

    Just checked Dish Online and both of my hoppers are still at S217.
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    Bridging Question

    I checked my 2nd hopper last night because my Joey could not access DVR content on it or link to it. Heck it even said it wasn't linked to the hopper in the basement although it was on a channel. When I looked the upstairs hopper did have bridging off. Not sure why my Joey couldn't access...
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    Bridging Question

    Zach told me to enable it on both of my hoppers. Can a DIRT member confirm which way to do it?
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    Bridging Question

    My system has been disconnected since S216 messed it up. I contacted Zach about connecting it back and he had me connect 1 hopper to the internet and turn bridging on at both hoppers. I did this yesterday and so far everything has been fine.
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    internet connection

    I haven't had my hoppers or joey connected to my internet since S216 was causing me problems with losing my connection to a hopper. What's the best way for me to connect to the internet? I do not have a HIC since the installer didn't give me one. Also, I'd like to add a sling adapter but...
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    New Hopper Software Has Rolled out (S215, S216, S217)

    Well I did go ahead and tell her but included it was with the next software update. No S215 for me yet.
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    New Hopper Software Has Rolled out (S215, S216, S217)

    My wife will be hppy that she can now access moviesw taped during our free Show/HBO preview.