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    522 problems, changes channels at random etc.

    my 721 has started doing this, changing channels at random. I use a logitech harmony remote, so how do i change the address on that? crazy!
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    disconnect error outrageous!

    :mad: I emailed Dish to ask about how long I have to give notice to disconnect, not knowing if I had to give 30 days or 1 day or whatever. We are moving Dec 8th. I sent the email on 11/10. I turned on my Dish today to find NO CHANNELS! So I checked the switches, etc.. and finally called...
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    dish 7100/7200 web keyboard for sale

    I have a dish 7200 web keyboard that I don't need anymore. Someone make me an offer. Email me at rseboltaz at thanks Go SUNS!!! Go PISTONS!!!
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    Guide not working on my 721

    well, i held down the power button for 7 seconds. It started up with the black dish network icon screen said testing and validating hard drive. Then it said 703 attention starting recvr, then it appears to freeze the screen. After a couple minutes, it reboots back to the black dish icon...
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    Guide not working on my 721

    My guide is missing all of a sudden. Everything else works perfect and had for months! The adv. tech said its a known issue and even repalcing with a new recvr won't help. She also said (Susan was her name and she didn't sound too advanced as she didn't know of the problem and was going to...
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    Dishplayer 7100 Didn't like Yellow card

    The same thing happened to me with my 7200. A month ago, they sent me a new yellow card. After spending a day on the phone with Dish, they told me that I was not supposed to be upgraded yet and to reinstall the blue card so I did. Last week I got another yellow card in the mail. Put it in...
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    smart card change horrible

    Well, my new smart card came in the mail. Nice bright yellow with instructions to dump the blue card. Well, I followed all the isntructions and 3 calls later, the tech decided to send me out another 7200 reciever because the smart card changes have been known to kill the reciever...
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    The 942 is HERE!

    This happens to me sometimes with my 721 and all I do is hit the flashback button and usually that clears it up. SOmetimes I may have to hit the flashback button a couple times and the skip forward button, but rarely. Good luck.
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    Has anyone else been talking to Executive Offices of Dish Network recently ?

    I too have been a dish subscriber since 97. I detest cox cable, but I have a feeling when we move to our new house in the next year or two, I may have to succumb to cox. They have HDTV DVR's available now. I just don't appreciate the way Dish treats existing customers, whether they've been...
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    Does Dish still offer Annual HBO sub?

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    Dishplayer 7200 Class action lawsuit

    I got 8 ($4.52) coupons and 1 $30 off equipment coupon. The $30 coupon expires in May, so they give me a whole 3 months to use it.
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    new yellow cards

    I got in the mail today a new yellow card for my dish 7200. I spent some time trying to install it and then called for support. They ended up saying the new yellow card was defective and overnighted me another yellow card. Luckily, my old blue card still worked in the meantime. So...
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    post pictures of your setup!

    see attached pic for my setup :)
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    Are there any satisfied DISH customers

    When I first moved to Arizona 7 years ago, I hated Cox Cable. So I switched to Dish. I got their 7200 DVR which at the time, I had no clue what it was. I now know that I had 'tivo' before tivo was cool! I could pause live tv, record digitally and skip commercials with a press of a button...
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    HBO STARZ suddenly appeared

    I know HBO and Cinemax are free, but not STARZ. Who all is getting STARZ for free?