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    Who has a dish motor for a 1.2 meter dish in stock??

    Those STAB motors are solid and last for ever. Heck, I have ordered spare parts (motors, gears, boards, etc) with my first imported batch of STAB HH120 (and HH100 for those who remember back in 2003) and never had to use it (for warranty repairs) or even to sell. BTW Good picture, pro96.
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    FTA Obsolete

    I have heard this question being repeated year after year. Some channels like the Ethnic ones on 97W have been there for more than a decade. Many channels are added periodically some get dropped. But the trend is up. Also the religious channels are popular. But the viewers are spending more...
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    Sadoun vs Fortec 6' cband dish

    I may have one, will have to go back and look thru the pile :) For sure, I have plenty of remotes left for the GBox. Remote anyone? :D Looking at when you joined this forum and your post count, we are close. Man time flies.
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    Who has a dish motor for a 1.2 meter dish in stock??

    Hi There. We will be updating our website soon about stock of the DG380. Thanks for the note. I have a strong feeling the 50mm shafts we have in stock (that we imported a long time ago) for the SG2100 will work on the SG6100 with a slight grinding (it is tight right now and won't go all the...
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    Sadoun vs Fortec 6' cband dish

    Hi Folks, We are out of stock on the polar mounts for the 6ft dishes. We have plenty of reflectors (6 panels and support arms) and floor masts. In another word, we don't have a complete 6ft dish to ship. If you look at the picture here, we have parts 1 thru 7, 15,19,20.
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    Setting up a C-band Dish

    Andrew, yes that is what we call a "ground mount". That is how the Fortec 6' dish used to be. The Sadoun 6 ft dish mounts on a pole (model P76) like this:
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    8ft dish with polar mount

    Hi Josh If you ever want to upgrade your stationary 8' sadoun dish to a motorized, we have the polar mount for it. We are selling these heavy duty mounts for $100. We have a few left. If the moderator allows it, I am adding a link here to allow you to order one of these. The below...
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    What Is Going On With Sadoun?

    Exactly, and the motors will keep on moving smoothly... lubed well ;)
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    Is KU FTA circling the drain?

    The ethnic channels on Galaxy 19 (97W) are actually increasing. Although channels leave the air, other new channels jump on board and the net results more channels on this particular satellite. On Galaxy 16 (99W) Found some new channels 11801/H/29999 Radio Reka Radio Mayak Radio Svoboda Radio...
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    What Is Going On With Sadoun?

    Hi Guys, thanks for your concern. That day we had a server software upgrade. It wasn't suppose to take that long, but it took several hours longer. By the way, the olive oil is another business venture for me and it is great. If you are into the healthy Mediterranean diet thing, you must...
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    Winegard DS-3101 with which motor?

    For the Fortec 1.2 (good dish BTW, but no longer available), you can only use the STAB HH120 (little slow) or the DG380. Nothing else will work as far as my experience with motors we sold in the past.
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    WS International Polar Mount Needed

    Babadem, the GBox sale on eBay is a Thanksgiving special will be back up to normal price soon. Only a few units listed at this price. We've sold them all, this is the best mover on the market hands down.
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    MPEG 2 & 4

    Hi Gentech, I just happened to visit here and saw you post about your new receiver. From what you have described it seems to be acting slow for some reason. Please send it back to us with a note to replace it. Put attention Judy. Include a copy of your receipt please.
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    GBox V3000 Satellite Position/Controller

    HI Skysurfer, The remote plastic issue was with one batch of production at the time. That has been corrected since then and we replaced all remotes. Glad you got yours replaced as well. Cheers.
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    Need a new motor quick, where to shop?

    Hi Timmy Thanks for your business. :-)