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    Hopper Upgrades

    Hi, I'd like a member to contact me about an upgrade on our account. Thanks Tom
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    722k Loosing all control

    To Answer the questions: Both TV1 and TV2 It Doesn't matter how long you wait; there's no menus or displays coming up. Changed the RF remote about two months ago because of an issue with a neighbor. Batteries were both replaced in January. We do have an Over the Air tuner module installed. I...
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    722k Loosing all control

    Couldn't find a thread on this, so excuse me if It's up somewhere else. Recently our 722k is dropping all control of the unit. Can't change the channel, dvr, menu, time shift, etc. disappear. It's like the unit goes into zombie mode. we have software version L750 Hard resetting (Unplugging...
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    On my 4th or 5th VIP622 replacement! I cry Uncle...

    Have a field tech out. I had to go through seven of them, and finally had a tech roll out dropped a new 722k in. Said that it's because the refrubs are getting worse as they get older.
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    Font changes on the 722k

    Did they recently change the font on the 722k? It just looks different. Like a more monospaced blah font rather than what was there. I've been doing a lot of reading and font work, so I don't know if it's me, or something changed. Thanks,
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    Slow Guide on 722K

    I've tried all of this, and no help. I've discovered that DVR events can trigger this. (going into a recording = sometimes slow, coming out of a recording = sometimes fixes) I'm on S/W version 6.80 It's driving my nuts, because unplugging the receiver is not really an option. Anyone have...
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    Sling + 722k + dual mode

    I've been digging through the forums for about 20 mins now searching without success. Can someone tell me if I'm correct or wrong here. Can i use a sling box on a 722k set to dual mode? Is it really as simple as plugging the composite into the sling and placing the ir blaster in front of the...
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    10/27/2010 2:37pm - Uplink Activity Report - 96 changes

    Ouch. basic nightmare.I do not envy you guys having to work your way through that to find the bug. That is alot of hard work. Kudos to you both. If you ever consider porting the code to something outside of GW-BASIC I'd be happy to throw my hat in to help, I work in the .net languages and...
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    10/27/2010 2:37pm - Uplink Activity Report - 96 changes

    Is the code publicly available? I'd be interested in seeing the code. If it's not too far out of wack, I wouldn't be opposed to helping out migrate the code to sourceforge or the likes so we could make it easier to work with/rewrite if necessary.
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    HD progaming in Miami Fl

    Up here in west palm, them migrated us to the Western Arc 110, 119 129 We get everything off of those three.
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    Thinking of switching from dish to direct and have several questions.

    So I would be better of talking with a local dealer to insure that I get the HR24 then?
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    Thinking of switching from dish to direct and have several questions.

    Hello all. Thinking of switching to DTV from E and I've come up with a few questions. 1. Is the West Palm Beach DMA an HD DMA? I've seen several comments where some of the markets are HD only receivers, so I"m curious if my market is this way. 2. Each receiver is per TV if I understand...
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    bypass hdd on a 622

    So our 622 has crapped out yet again. (This is the fourth one in five months) and it just reboots and reboots and reboots. anyone have any idea how to stop it so we can at least use the darn thing to watch tv until a new one arrives?
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    Appeals Court Finds Echostar in Contempt in TIVO Case

    I know we are so focused on how Charlie has been pushing this, but if you look at it from a different point of view, if only one judge had voted the other way, Dish would have one the appeal. And the dissenting opinion is an interesting read.
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    Harmony 880 Remote

    Have the 880 and the same thing with remote addresses. Plug it in, and you will need to "learn" from the new remote a few commands, and the software figures it out automatically. (we changed from default to IR 8) If that helps.