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    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    I called to complain and got $10 off my package for three months:) Question: WHY CAN'T DTV add a channel called Antenna TV from the Tribune group? It's just like TV-LAND?
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    Switching from Directv to COMCAST!

    I am laying in my bed in a hotel on Fort Lauderdale beach and they have COMCAST! THEY SUCK! I miss my DirecTv as I have had them since 2004 and before that Charter Communications. i will never go back to a cable company after being with DirecTv this long. I had Comcast back in the 90's when...
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    Common topic but I'm stumped

    Why are you Canceling DTV Why would you cancel Directv? cable is not really the best way to go in my opinion. I have worked in the broadcasting industry for almost 27 years and I can tell you the cable companies rates will continue to rise and programming will lower. DTV is the way to go.
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    Free HD Access for EXISTING customers

    FREE HD ACCESS I just called and HD ACCESS was in by base package. So the CSR took $10.00 off my base package which was $79.99 to $69.99 for one year to today! HOW COOL!
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    National CW...where is it from?

    CW/West The CW West Feed is XETV Channel 6/Tiajuana, Mexico/ San Diago, CA. This is what I have as a CW Affilate because my CW affilate's tower is well over 100 miles. I love this station.
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    When are the new HD channels launching?

    I have two Vizio HD TV's and have been in my house 2 1/2 years with new wiring that was installed when I took possesion of the house. My picture quality is perfect on all channels. Maybe your wiring or connectors are going bad.
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    Will I be charged for defective receiver?

    As Far as another 1 to 2 year commentment! well I would rather sign and keep signing a commentment than go back to Charter Communications. The Cable Pigs SUCK! they Cable refuses to compete with DTV or Dish. Trust me I have been in the broadcasting biz for 25 years. My opinion is DTV is a...
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    Moving in with BF, What to do about DTV??

    DUMP COMCAST they suck! Do what you can to stay with DTV! WHY is he with the cable pigs?
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    Grandfathering Distants Question

    XETV San Diago, CA I recently asked DTV to see if I could get the CW east and west coast feed and after a week the waiver came in for CW west. I have been getting CBS east and west for several years now and I am 40 miles outside Asheville, NC
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    Lost channels after snow.

    Re-boot your receivers and see what happens
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    Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing

    As a member of the broadcasting community for 24 years I can say not everyone hates Howard Stern. I have Sirius and love the music compared to terristial radio. Since I have has sat radio I have NOT listened to terrisital radio in about two years. I can say after working for Clear Channel and...
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    Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing

    Liberty Media This just in! got an e-mail from allaccess saying that: The NEW YORK TIMES' DEALBOOK blog is reporting that SIRIUS XM RADIO is in talks with LIBERTY MEDIA about a possible deal to head off Chapter 11 bankruptcy and a possible takeover by ECHOSTAR. ANY THOUGHTS FROM EVERYONE...
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    HR20 / HR21 / R22 Software Release 0x0251

    Firmware release This new firmware/software package has not been updated for the Carolinas, I just check mine and still have last last upgrade in June. I would to see a more user friendly guide like more transparent, the ability to change colors etc..
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    D*/Verizon bundles

    I have DTV bundled with Verizon Communications landline, unlimited long distance and it's a savings discount of $14 a month. Remember DSL is not offered in some areas like mine so I went with the bundled unlimited long distance. Also I have Hughesnet Satellite broadband 1.5mb is $79 a month...
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    DirecTV Scam

    DirecTv Numbers Try this number it's the only one I use. When the promt answers just press 1 this is the number the contractor that did my movers connection gave me when I moved from FL to NC. Voice promt will say "thanks for calling DTV to select your programming" just press 1 on your...