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    NFL Sunday ticket issues

    Anyone else having problems with Sunday ticket. Every game is saying I need to purchase. I can see the game but only top half. Red zone is working.
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    NHL & NBA Channels

    Got on here to see if anyone else is having troubles and mine just turned on. NHL ci also wasn't working but is now
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    Longhorn network

    The same guy that posted on orangebloods board that uverse was getting the longhorn network posted that direct tv will be in 2 to 3 weeks. I have no knowledge if this is true, just passing it on. Not sure why direct tv would wait after the 2 games are on but lets hope.
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    DirecTV iPad APP Now Available in Apple Store

    Will this app only work with my home network? I tried it at work and could not get it to work.
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    Manually tune sub channel with a hr20

    Channel 36.2 retro tv has come available in my area and when I do a scan for off air channels on my hr20 it does not come up. I know that direct tv needs to add this station but that can take months or years. Is there a way to manually tune in this station.
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    On demand vs. Netflix

    I have 1.5 dsl and realize that is not the ideal speed for on demand, but is the best I can do. Deca is installed at my house and I have a xbox 360 that is hooked up wireless. My problem is when I watch a netflix movie I can begin watching within 5 min. Without any interruption. When I use on...
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    Distant Networks in HD?

    If you have waivers you should be able to get DNS from both new york and La in SD and one of them in HD depending where you live
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    DECA to xbox 360

    My Xbox 360 is next to my receiver and was wondering if you could hook up the DECA to the xbox. I use wireless for the xbox but it has lag time every so often
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    Free HD for Life New Customer Promo starting 6/5

    Just saw a commercial from Dish that they are offering free HD. Will Direct tv follow suit? Would be nice. Alot of cable companies offer free HD.
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    what dvr will i get?

    I just had mrv installed at my home and direct tv sent me a hr21 and the csr said I would get a hr24. When tech got here I asked him if he had any hr24's in his truck and he said no, so I said cancel the install. Tech called his boss and he told the tech to come to the warehouse and get me a...
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    Using on demand with a h24

    I just had MRV put in today, I have 4 hddvr's and a h24 hooked up to the internet using DECA. My question is can I use on demand with the h24 and have it download to one of my DVR's. I am able to record from the h24 and just choose what dvr I want it to record too, so why can I not do that with...
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    Question about Distant networks

    I have had DNS from direct tv for about 14 years and love it. Last november my locals were made available but I chose not to add them on. This morning I discovered that they have been turned on without me ever saying anything to Direct tv. I am also still receiving dns channels. I discovered...
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    antenna distribution amplifier

    I will give it a try. thank you splicer
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    antenna distribution amplifier

    Thank you for the info. Not sure if the info from tvfool and antennaweb is correct. Missoula is 40 miles from my house and all the stations broadcast from bald mountain which is even closer. I receive fox, cw, 4 pbs's, abc, nbc, cbs, all perfect for one tv. just not for 6. The Pico macom ta 36...
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    antenna distribution amplifier

    zip is 59840. The antenna is in the attic. It is very large I think 9 or 10 footer. don't know what kind but I think it is from radio shack. I put it up there when trusses were being put in. So i can not really get to it. But like I said when I do not split the cable all channels come in...