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    600 Feet of RG11 DPP Twin -> DPP44

    I agree totally about using a DP Twin or a Pair of DP Duals or DP Singles. Using a DPP Twin into a DPP 44 just isnt reliable. 650 ft cable distance even with amps - I doubt its going to hold up. You can do the switch and cable runs and test the voltage at the dish end of the run. If its below...
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    Farwell Echostar 5

    not likely to be economical in the next couple of centuries . esstentially everything way out in the clarke belt is throw away.
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    Force 722 to see 118, not 129?

    That 1000+ dish should pick up all 4 sats with no problem whatsoever unless you have one/some/or all of the following: a line of sight problem an aiming problem a bent dish reflecter a bent dish lnb arm an out of plumb mast a cabling problem an LNB problem or a switch problem...
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    Installer here / question

    with a trouble call to follow. poor installer.....
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    Team Summit Report

    and easier for many techs! allah is indeed great and merciful! thanks scott!
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    Programming access fee

    if you have 2 vip receivers, both must show up in the dishcomm screen. A VIP always sees "itself" in dishcomm but may not find the other one. You then have to add the "R00" of the other reciever manually. Then it will usually work. since almost all homes have 2 phase AC power coming in...
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    Programming access fee

    dishcomm can be a little flaky on initial setup at times. you should be good to go now. cheers
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    Anyone else lied too by sales staff?

    they promised me my taxes would go down too....i hear it all the time from the guys WE pay to make it happen. damn liars. just do your homework before making purchases so you have the power, not THEY. cheers.
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    Programming access fee

    since you have 2 622's, with one connected to the internet: Dishcomm should be easily possible in most cases. No additional hardware required. check here: Tech Portal : How To : DishCOMM
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    Programming access fee

    this would really be much easier to resolve if we knew what MODEL the receivers were. If they both VIP's......the use of Dishcomm is possible at no additional cost (usually).
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    Anyone else lied too by sales staff?

    this is research the OP should have done HIMSELF prior to committing. Let the buyer beware. personally I know more about my potential purchases before ever talking to any sales person. that way I have the power of knowledge. cant say that I feel for him....
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    Can 2 people use 522 seperatly?

    a 522 is designed to have tv's in 2 separate rooms with separate viewing. Tech Portal : 522 read all about it here
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    superdish lnb problems also why can't i get 119 sat??

    ah, a FTA system, out of my area. Im a Dishnetwork only technician. Im still betting the Superdish array is bad. The only suggestion I wiill make is disconnect (bypass) the DP34, and run a direct cable from the DBS side (119 sat) of the Array directly to your IRD. See if you get 119...
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    superdish lnb problems also why can't i get 119 sat??

    The DP Dual is for 110 sat of course. The combo LNB (known as a SuperDish 121 Array) is for 119 and 121. Almost no one needs 121 anymore. Superdish 121 arrays are notorious for going bad and losing 119 sat. You might need a new one. when posting you should always mention the type of...
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    Brilliant Dish Installer

    some of our best installers dont know all the physics behind it, but they do know how to make it all work for ya - with very low trouble calls. i stand behind my crap question, you know what the end result is......but you know every process in the production of that crap? i doubt it. maybe...