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    Does Dish 1000 work in S Florida?

    Getting signal on 129 is one thing, DMA is another story! Check the link donnelly posted. kinda sums it up, for sub.
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    Help findind 61.5

    You can also find this info on your IRD, menu 6-1-1 point dish screen - peak angles. Just fill in your zip, the sat your looking for and Dish 300.
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    How to force 522 Program Guide to update

    Are you sure its been up-dating the info (epg) everynight? I have never seen my 522 drop any of the guide. I have mine up-dating at 3am every morning, just go into the menu and set it a couple minutes ahead, of whatever time your playing with it. It should then download at that time.
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    What happens if you want 121 and 105?

    I received one of those lnbs with a 39" dish I had bought, I had to swap it out for DP. like JP mentioned it didnt work with DP switch.
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    Switch Problems! I lost my TV!

    Not being able to access the switch kind of sucks, maybe borrow a ladder from a neighbor. Barrel connectors would let you take the two feed cables (to one ird) off the dp34 and connect them to the two feeder cables coming from the D500. Would at least let you rule out the switch.
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    Switch Problems! I lost my TV!

    You could always by-pass the switch with barrel conectors, just to get 110/119 up and see if will work without the dp34. (dont forget the sw check if you try this)
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    Understanding my bill?

    When you mentioned you didnt change anything, it got me thinking. So after checking it out, the "program access fee" means No phone line connected.
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    Understanding my bill?

    The "program access fee", means you have changed your programing on your receiver this month! IE: a60 to a120 or a180 to a60 = stuff like that. Or even swapping out a receiver for another will get that charge.
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    Old Dish Network brochure

    I like the 2.99 ppv, A buck is a buck!!
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    522 driving me crazy!

    What happens when the 522 was hooked up where the 510 was ? Also cannot draw to much voltage, maybe to much current. But that would be, because of what the receiver is as a load across the line. Also the receiver has a power supply inside which regulates its voltage requirements. If you have a...
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    Is there a "Guide" for Dish DVR?

    If you didn't get a manual with your IRD, Check here!
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    AMC-15 On line ?

    I have one of those plastic SD's, Never had any problems with it at all. But after reading this post. I thought, lets just see what the real difference is in temp. Right now the air temp is 91deg @1300. With one of those laser temp gauges: My 39" is 113deg. My two D500's are 117deg. Now for...
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    Programming question...

    On the cabling, I would have done anything to get the IRD's next to the TV's. The picture quality of the RCA/S-VHS connections are 1000 times better than the RF outs, including Stereo sound.
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    no access cards

    That's what the manual say's, "Future Smart Card"
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    DP-34 Grounding Question...............

    Noticed the SD's are made out of plastic/ fiberglass? No way of grounding that dish. Also your lnbf's are isolated from the dish anyway. So you could just say that your IRD has a three prong plug on it, if you hook up your coax and plug in the IRD it's getting grounded that way. If your doing it...