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  1. jrrdy1380

    Do you use Broadband or Dial-up?

    Currently dial-up due to only option available. Getting ready to move into the city in a house as a roommate that has wireless access from the homeowner plus the homeowner's employer pays for the service so that is even better!!! All I need to do is get a PCI wireless card w/ an antenna and...
  2. jrrdy1380

    Moving on w/o Dish, but........

    I thought that I would not be able to change the name on the account w/o running into problems. Since I still have the commitment until Nov 2005, I think I would just leave the account under my name and just update the phone number and see if I could add another contact name on the account.
  3. jrrdy1380

    Moving on w/o Dish, but........

    Been a DISH subscriber since 2001 with DP 301 and DVR 510 currently setup from DISH 500 with 2-SW21s. I am getting ready to move for a new job, but I am leaving my satellite for one of my family members that will be still living in my old place. Looking for comments and responses to the...
  4. jrrdy1380

    More information on Echostar Broadband

    Yeah I agree with Stacy A because I have been desiring high speed internet for quite a long time. Everytime that I look into what could be available for me, there is basically dialup and that is it. Sprint is so sorry in expanding into the rural market it really is disappointing to even talk...
  5. jrrdy1380

    Charter DSL-Anyone know anything about it?

    Sorry about getting the terms messed up-was thinking about DSL service something like from Sprint (can't get them here either-despite homes just down the street from where I live can get this service but that is another story). I was trying any area I can use to get high speed internet. All of...
  6. jrrdy1380

    Charter DSL-Anyone know anything about it?

    I use to be a Charter subscriber until I got DISH (use to work for them at a call center in VA and got my system for free) about three years ago. Had to keep both going until my locals came online and I totally dropped Charter soon after that. One of the selling points that Charter was...
  7. jrrdy1380

    If you had a choice:Satellite or Cable

    I also had a choice between satellite and cable and satellite wins! Our cable provider, Charter, is the fourth cable provider that has provided service in my area (other three times old service was bought out by new provider or company changed names). Picture quality is alot better with...
  8. jrrdy1380

    510 DVR...How would you rank it?

    The 510 box I have now was more stable than the 7200 I originally owned. I love the ability to record programs that I would normally miss out on watching (work nights) plus I can zap past the commericals. My box has been pretty stable for the most part, just a few quirks every now and
  9. jrrdy1380

    Will E* get ESPN U?

    If they can get ESPNU, would they also get CSTV or will they only settle for one college sports channel? I would like to have both-maybe they can put on the multisports package. I already have that package and if the non sport fans do not want the channels then they exercise their right in not...
  10. jrrdy1380

    Dishplayer 7200 Class action lawsuit

    I also only got five $4.52 PPV coupons as well. I had a 7200. I did not get a letter-just coupons.
  11. jrrdy1380

    $4.52 PPV Coupons

    Got in the mail today five PPV coupons each valued @ $4.52 from a PO Box address in Colorado. Could this be part of the 7200 Settlement? I got a letter several months back concerning this but I must had trashed it because I can not find it now. Anyone else got something like this? Usually the...
  12. jrrdy1380

    Former Exec Sues Dish Network

    Agree also about CSRs I too use to be a CSR with EchoStar and I do agree that we had our fair share of CSRs that were very good at their jobs and some that should not have even been working at the call center at all. I and others that use to be on the CSR buddy teams could often determine...
  13. jrrdy1380

    G4TechTv Changes Name, Logo, Lineup

    Well, the evil empire finally got what it wanted...a video gaming channel. Since it could not make a go of it on their own, they decided to take over a channel that was for the most part very good for computer users. I use to watch Call for Help and ScreenSavers on a regular basis and used much...
  14. jrrdy1380

    How stable are the 510's ?

    I got a 510 last Nov to replace my 7200 and I am very happy it. I love the DVR features and could not live without it. I also love the slo-mo feature that can slow the action to play 1/15 sec per frame. Especially love it during football and basketball seasons where I can play replay official...
  15. jrrdy1380

    CSTV is testing on E*

    I wonder if CSTV is going to be a factor since ESPN announced that they are starting a 24 hr college sports channel, ESPNU? CSTV may have a real difficult time competing with the resources that ESPN has available.
  16. jrrdy1380

    Dishplayer 7200 Class action lawsuit

    I got my notice in the mail the other day (no claim form included). I did have a 7200 until this past Nov when I took the 510 upgrade offer for a free 510 for a two yr commitment. Don't know how I would use the benefits that are being offered in the class action. Just taking a wait and see attitude.
  17. jrrdy1380

    Caller ID

    Got it working I went on ahead and powered off the receiver and unplugged it then disconnected the phone line from the receiver. I then reconnected the phone line first to the 510 then plugged it in and powered back up. After requiring signal, I used my cell phone to call my land-line and the...
  18. jrrdy1380

    Caller ID

    I just recently noticed on my 510 machine that my Caller ID is not showing up on my TV when my phone rings. I like to use this feature because I don't have to run to the phone to check the ID. If it is someone I know, I answer or if it is unlisted, I let my answer service get it. Anyone know...
  19. jrrdy1380

    Logging out of

    Lately, when I click on Log Out, I get this message, "An error has occured while logging out. Click here to log out." I can still log out, but I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this or do I need to be concerned about this at all?
  20. jrrdy1380

    Dish 6000 Siriusly Ready

    Got mine on the 510-I like some of the channels---I need to get my TV hooked up to a stero system!!!
  21. jrrdy1380

    has anyone switched from cable to dish and been happy they did?

    In my hometown, we currently have Charter (which use to be TCI then just a locally owned cable company before they sold out to TCI) which use to mean either have cable or a big antenna. Only the well off could afford the big dish and they usually lived outside the town limits because it was such...
  22. jrrdy1380

    510 promotion FUBAR

    I wish I could have sold my 7200 that I swapped for the 510, but when I got the 7200 along with the dish, I got it free under the employee benefit when I was an employee with Dish. They would have known by tracking my receiver id# that the receiver was part of this program, so I figured I was...
  23. jrrdy1380

    510 promotion FUBAR

    When I first checked into the 510 promo back in Nov '03, one CSR told me that the promotion was no longer offered. After I went on Dish Network own website and found the same promo currently in effect, I called back and got a CSR who knew about the promo. I opted for the free receiver plan (2 yr...
  24. jrrdy1380

    Compensation during Viacom blackout

    I think that we should get a one time $5 credit then if the stalemate continues $1 per month. Even though the only channel that I like from Viacom (BET) is not available, I think Dish should tell Viacom to take a hike. While the missing Nick channels would be a great loss from many families...
  25. jrrdy1380

    Creating Avatar

    Finally got the avatar installed on my user name. Thanks to all for your assistance!!!