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  1. jnardone

    Problem w/the Scientific Atlanta HD-DVR box

    Hi: I had the Scientific Atlanta HD-DVR box installed by Comcast a month ago and I still can not receive Discovery HD. The CSR's keep telling me it is systemwide problem but one technician admitted that the firmware in my box does not support that channel. I have been through three boxes...
  2. jnardone

    What about us Charter Members!

    I would say every court in the land would disagree with you. There was a purchase agreement (contract) in writing between Voom box purchasers and Cablevision. In exchange for our money Cable vision gave us a box and a two year in home service agreement. Cablevision has not gone out of...
  3. jnardone

    What about us Charter Members!

    I feel slighted. The VOOM receiver was warranted to work for two years and it no longer can receive the programming from the VOOM satellite. I fully expect Voom to compensate people who purchased their receivers. I was willing to take a chance by purchasing the VOOM receiver but only a...
  4. jnardone

    How is VOOM going to uninstall 46,000 people in one month?

    Hi: I spoke with a VOOM CSR yesterday and he said they are shutting down customer service at the end of May. If they do this, who is going to be there to schedule the removal of the dishes and antennas and the patching of roofs and walls in order to make customers whole? Are they going to...
  5. jnardone

    I have to look no further for an HD provider.

    I have the iodata Linkplayer2 DVD player which also upconverts over component. It also plays HD-WMV and HD-Divx files and HD mpg-2 transport streams and a bunch other formats either off a cd or dvd or served wired or wirelessly from my PC. The only thing it can not do yet is the MS DRM on...
  6. jnardone

    Which HD DVR box are they installing?

    Hi: I am having Comcast installed today and the CSR said he thought I would be getting a Scientific Atlanta 8000HD DVR box. Is this a better or worse box than the Motorola that others have posted about? Is the PG guide search function different between the different boxes? For example: If I...
  7. jnardone

    Voom to disable OTA tuner in STB?

    That seems fair - I'll take that too - but should we have to pay the full lease price for those first few months with bad firmware, no guide information, constant reboots and no OTA scanning?
  8. jnardone

    Don't Know If Anyone is Interested

    The bill has no lease charge on it though.
  9. jnardone

    Don't Know If Anyone is Interested

    Hi: I had called a similar number earlier (516-803-2300) to find out if I was going to get any type of refund on my purchased box or if I should turn it in to Comcast in order to get a lower rate. I was transferred to a voicemail of "(laurie or Lori or laura) (henzmen or henman or henchman)"...
  10. jnardone

    why can't VOOM answer a simple question now?

    I am getting madder and madder as the 30th approaches that VOOM will not let customers with purchased receivers know if the OTA is going to work after the 30th or if they are going to give us a partial or full refund for the 2 year in-home service contract on the box. I just called to order...
  11. jnardone Death of Voom: we just weren't ready

    VOOM was brought down by C. Dolan's mismanagement. At no time during VOOM's life did the number of HDTV's in the US decline yet VOOM's subscriber numbers did decline at one point. Launching later would not have helped because they did not know how to run the company. They did not know to...
  12. jnardone

    Why didn't VOOM have a shutdown plan in place??

    What is going on with VOOM? Are they so mismanaged that, even though they planned to shut down over a month ago, they did not think to have basic shutdown policies in place? What happens to a leased receiver that stops working this month? - no service call. Will you still be charged this...
  13. jnardone

    I did it... ordered Comcast

    Is there a question I should ask the cable company to determine if they are giving the HD channels the proper bandwidth? Also, is there a meter or something to test the signal strength at my house when they hook up the cable? I know have Comcast for my Internet but I am probably going to...
  14. jnardone

    C. Dolan Fork up another $10mil and refund bow ownere

    Tuckers and Deloreans coninued to function after the companies went out of business. The VOOM box will not. This situation is like if a car company discontinued a single model and then caused all the existing cars of that model to stop working and then refused to provide warranty service on...
  15. jnardone

    C. Dolan Fork up another $10mil and refund bow ownere

    Could someone provide proof that VOOM "offered" to convert any box purchasers to the lease plan. My memory is that you had to call up and say you wanted an uninstall and re-install to get them to make the switch. Even then, you had to get the right CSR and they told me that if I switched I...
  16. jnardone

    What about purchased receivers??

    Hi: I researched the VideoGuide case a little more (as much as could be done on the Internet anyway ) and it looks like there never was a lawsuit. The big company (GemStar) that shut down the service with the purchased box (VideoGuide) decided on their own to offer full refunds for the cost...
  17. jnardone


    The DVR never really existed did it? I thought so.
  18. jnardone

    Wilt... don't screw your box owners. Please.

    The case involved a company called VideoGuide. From a previous thread:"I remember a company called VideoGuide, sold a box in 1994 that read program guide data and news over the Pager network, kind of cool. When they shut down 2 years into their sales, they were required to buy the boxes back at...
  19. jnardone

    What about purchased receivers??

    The case was VideoGuide from a previous thread: "I remember a company called VideoGuide, sold a box in 1994 that read program guide data and news over the Pager network, kind of cool. When they shut down 2 years into their sales, they were required to buy the boxes back at full list because...
  20. jnardone

    VOOM phone number now giving shutdown message

    The VOOM phone number 1-800-GET-VOOM is now playing a message about service being discontinued 4/30 and no billing past 4/30 and no contract fee. This is before it lets you choose to be connected to a CSR. CSR's are still taking calls after the message and semm to have some new information. (but...
  21. jnardone

    What about purchased receivers??

    I called VOOM earlier this morning and they said they were not even shutting down. Maybe I will try again later.
  22. jnardone

    Voom should give all subscribers a gift!

    I am serious - when I made the decision to stick with purchase rather than switch to lease I figured on the cost of the box divided by the 24 month service warranty. Anyone who would allow themselves to be denied what they paid for and what was promised in writing would be foolish.
  23. jnardone

    They have pulled all workorders

    Can you ask about service calls on purchased receivers that have a service contract. Thanks
  24. jnardone

    Cablevision agrees to end Voom

    Charles was in charge and was responsible. If he did his best, he would have run VOOM correctly from the start. Then they would have had plenty of subscribers - or at least regular subscriber growth month to month. Then Cablevision would not have been pressured to shut down the service...
  25. jnardone

    They have pulled all workorders

    No service calls on purchased equipment with a service contract either??