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    Weather Nation

    Sure do wish Dish would add Weather Nation like Directv did. The weather channel does show much real weather newscasts anymore.
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    So whos NOT getting a Hopper due to lack of OTA?

    I must have OTA. I could not live with out METV or THIS TV which is only on the Sub Channels. If can get Two Hoppers with One tuner on each Hopper I will be very very happy What can I say, I like old shows.
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    KUSA 9 Streamed Online Anywhere?

    Wow I have that same 9NEWS with drawl issue also. I miss it. Wonder if the Google TV can Stream it?
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    Maybe new to Dish, should I wait for 922?

    Seems like the last time they had a "Hot" new HD DVR release the price when down $100 after the next quarter (3 months). I think I will wait 3 months after it is released and save.
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    Other remote controls

    My 2 Year Direct TV contract just ended. I used to have DIsh before. All I know is I hate the DirecTV remote and I remember loving the Dish remote. Looking to come back with hopefully a new customer promo on a 922 with the original DIsh remote, NOT this new touch pad one. Beta testers...
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    Anything new with Versus?

    The Nebraska Football games in on Versus today Cable and DIsh have this channel. Directv does not. I have talked to so many that say they are switching. In this state Nebraska Football is a big deal.
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    Did Anyone Notice?

    I get Universal Sports on my Local NBCs local digital sub channel for free over the air. I do not watch the channel as its all reruns so I removed it from my channel list. I wish they would add there local Weather Channel back or something better like Retro TV.
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    Show hope they move ESPN U to the 200's with the other ESPN channels I get, this is so confusing having to look at the 600's
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    I just "moved"

    This thread talked about "moving" to NY Are there any West Cost Locals on Conus in HD? Like LA? Will I still get more real local channels over the air through my HR2x receiver and on the guide if I enter my local zip code?
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    $50 Dish Grounding Inspection Fee passed by Omaha, Ne

    To make this right and legal they also need to charge a $50 Cable TV and or Phone Connection inspection fee. My Cox Cable is not grounded correctly today.
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    New Software!

    I hope they dont wait too long as in more than a Month. My DirecTV contract is up. As soon as this is out to the public and I can watch free Video from the web (like Youtube, CBS, Hulu, ect) and view News, Weather, and Sports Web pages, I will switch back to Dish. Even if the product is a...
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    $50 Dish Grounding Inspection Fee passed by Omaha, Ne

    I updated a link with Video in the very first post. It was the leads story here on the 6 O Clock news. I could not believe the interview- crazy. It is video interview of the council man who voted Yes, worried the dishes will fall on kids heads.
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    $50 Dish Grounding Inspection Fee passed by Omaha, Ne

    This was on the local news tonight and in the local paper. Omaha is falling way short on the budget so they want to charge all Dishnetwork and DirecTV owners a $50 inspection fee to make sure they are grounded. Rumor around here has it that the local Cox Cable talked the Council Members into...
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    I am interested in doing they same move but the Opposite. In Omaha, moving to KC. Should that work since it worked the other way? Did you get SD locals or HD locals, or both?
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    Epix & Dish in Talks

    Then lets have Free 1080P video on demand downloads with this new movie package. We can all download them at night. I just saying right now there is no good reason to pay extra for yet an other movie channel. If they gave us some 1080P options of some kind here and there it would be worth...
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    Epix & Dish in Talks

    1080P If I were Epix and Dish I would be the first to offer a 24x7 1080P channel. If Dish cant do it live via the dish, then at least offer free 1080P on demand moves. I would pay for this. it would be something no one else had.
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    Thinking about change

    I have had both Dish and Direct. Currently with Direct, I could not live with out the Sports Mix and News Mix channels. Its like a Super Guide where they alway put the BEST sports on the mix so you can quickly find the top games. Even if WGN has a game it somtimes ends up on the mix. Dish ...
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    AM21 & H21-100

    My HR21-100 +AM21 is extra slow if you are watching an over the air channel through the AM21 box. Guide menu is very slow. Once you change to a Sat channel it is very fast. Compared to the national release the CE is slower. I also compared to my HR20-100 on the same version. It is always...
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    Why doesnt Dtv carry all cinemax?

    DirecTV is more of a SPORTS fans sat provider. That is what the focus on. Movie channels will come after they are done adding more regional sports channels (things I dont ever watch).
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    Time Warner Cable Dropping HDNet Channels Nationwide May 31

    I watch the two HDnet channels all the time. I would even pay $1.99 a month if it was extra like a movie channel. My cable does not have HDnet, I would think of switching to cable if they had it. With out HDnet there is not way I would go cable.
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    Losing video on Samsung TV

    I have Two HR20 HD DVRs and a PS3 connected via HDMI to my 58a650 version of the samsung. Thats 3 HDMI connections. Never an issue.
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    Cox Cables now has Digital Simulcast of analog channels

    Orange County, CA Cox is now all done. They are 100% Digital Simulcasting all Major Channels. Same quality as Dish and Direct TV now.
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    Win a FORTEC MERCURY II from Sadoun!

    I would love to win a Fortech Mercury II recevier from Sadoun so I can learn about FTA. Love this site.
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    Dish 622 - $99 Upgrade Details

    Good point on the $6 DVR feee and the other hidden fees when comparing to Cables HD DVR. I dont spell or do grammar either, this is not a English class.