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  1. CFilkins

    MRV works, then quits after a couple of days

    I've been using MRV for a while through CE, but my receivers pulled the NR a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't had a chance to stay up late enough to pull the new CE builds :( I have a pair of HR22's, connected via wired gigabit. With the CE firmware, I never had a problem once I got the...
  2. CFilkins

    Buffalo Sabres game on Versus

    While I, too, got in on the free Center Ice deal, it still doesn't change the fact that I couldn't watch my Sabres stomp the Red Wings the other night. :(
  3. CFilkins

    "Active" button and channel - broken?

    Hi, guys... I have a pair of HR22's, and when I press the active button the remote, it takes me to 999, which shows a template for content...but no content. I've let it sit for a few minutes, and no content ever shows up. This happens for both of my receivers. Is there something wrong with...
  4. CFilkins

    MRV struggles

    That's what I was afraid of...looks like I'll have to wait and hope for a new CE this weekend, and try to install it on both receivers to see if that takes care of it...of course, I'm running a pair of HR22's, but that could be the issue... Chris
  5. CFilkins

    MRV struggles

    Hi, guys... So, a while back I started d/l'ing the CE firmware to my bedroom receiver, and left the main living room reciever on the NR. Well, last month, with the new NR rollout, both boxes were updated to the NR. Since then, I've downloaded the last couple of CE rollouts (including this...
  6. CFilkins

    Calling and getting deals

    I was able to get the AAA and referral back in Feb, but I had to fight for it. I was told it was fine when I placed the order (although now I'm hearing that people are being told that you cannot combine the two), only to be told after the install that you can't combine them. Customer service...
  7. CFilkins

    How do I find 1080p movies?

    When I do a keyword search for 1080P, I get no results :( I've got an HR22 connected to a Samsung HL61A750 tv (1080P). I know a little while ago, doing a 1080P search would show me VOD movie trailers in 1080P. Are the trailers still around? Any ideas as to why they're not showing up? If I...
  8. CFilkins

    Can I Cancel D* within a Week of Installation?

    I would suggest that you talk to your credit card company about the charge DirecTV placed on your account. I think it would be fair enough to argue that it was not an authorized charge - you did not ask for the hardware, the installer insisted it would be free, and you went from there. You can...
  9. CFilkins

    Referral denied at

    It sounds like they like to cause all sorts of issues with the referral program. I called via the AAA signup number, and asked about the AAA discount and the friend referral, and was given the green light, even quoted what my monthly bill would be. Followed up a couple of days after the...
  10. CFilkins

    local channel pixelation problem

    I'm also having a problem with my locals here in Buffalo, NY. According to the channel map, WGRZ is on 99 transponder 21. I check my signal, and it's consistently 95+. The install is fairly recent, and brand new cabling was run for the install. Occasionally, the signal for WGRZ will...
  11. CFilkins

    HR22 sometimes slow, sometimes fine

    Hi, guys... I've had a pair of HR22's for about a month and a half now, and prior to this, I was a Dish Network customer with a ViP622. I knew coming over that there were reports that the DirecTV receivers weren't as fast as Dish's...but here's my question... Some days, the guide pops right...
  12. CFilkins

    Free parts or I toss 'em

    They are spoken for... They were no longer needed, as the installer switched me over to a slimline 5 with multiswitch, as there were no "cold weather SWM" available until next week, and I didn't want to have to be worrying how cold it was going to get and would I lose signal. I offered them...
  13. CFilkins

    Free parts or I toss 'em

    When the installer came out and switched out the SWM, he told me to just toss out the power inserter and SWS-4, as they were no longer need. If anyone wants them, I'll send the out (just cover shipping)...otherwise, they're heading to the trash can. Chris
  14. CFilkins

    DirecTV 2 PC CE Test Version 4919

    Do you guys know if it's possible to play back something via DirectTV2PC while it's currently recording? I have a hockey game recording at the moment, and I can see it listed in the software, but clicking "Play" gets me errors or anything. Any thoughts? Chris
  15. CFilkins

    Signing up: Discounts= AAA, D* Referal, ???

    So, I retract my earlier statements. I emailed customer service to ask about the referral credit, and was told that I did not qualify as I did not place it through the special offer/number, and was already getting the AAA referral discount. This made me exceptionally aggrivated, as I...
  16. CFilkins

    Lost all signal

    Original installer came back out tonight...he had hoped to get a "cold weather SWM" but they weren't going to have any until Monday. So he tried to warm up the LNB in his truck and reinstalled it, but it didn't work. We decided to just swap it over to a regular LNB/multiswitch, and ran the...
  17. CFilkins

    Lost all signal

    I don't think this should have moved. The first night after the install, we had 60mph winds all night long, and the signal stayed rock solid. The installer made sure to add extra monopole supports, knowing that I live in a fairly windy area (shores of Lake Erie). At this point, I'm going to...
  18. CFilkins

    Signing up: Discounts= AAA, D* Referal, ???

    I called the AAA number, and asked about using the current customer promos, the AAA discount, and a referral, and was told that would be fine. After qualifying my AAA membership and running the credit check, they took the referral information, and told me what my monthly bill would be with all...
  19. CFilkins

    Lost all signal

    Hi, guys... As of this morning, everything was fine with my setup (5 LNB SWM, and a pair of HR22-100's). Turn on the tv this evening, and get a searching for sat 2 screen. Checked the signal, and I'm getting 0's on every transponder. Checked the upstairs receiver, and same story. I reset...
  20. CFilkins

    Questions on Boxes

    I live outside of Buffalo, NY, and they just installed a SWM at my house last week. I was told that they are fine as long as the temps stay above -10 (we rarely go below 0). Chris
  21. CFilkins

    Signing up: Discounts= AAA, D* Referal, ???

    I'd call back about getting the referral as well. I called a week ago this past Saturday, and had a 5 LNB SWM installed with 2 HR22's and was able to get AAA discount, new customer promo, and the referral credit, all without a problem. I paid $100 plus handling/tax up front (for the second...
  22. CFilkins

    DirecTV2PC Issues & Feedback

    Hi, guys... I'm running the national release of DirecTV2PC on my machine, and on some programs, I'm getting the dreaded "audio is protected." For sound, I have a SB X-Fi Xtreme Music card, using analog connections to my speakers. Any thoughts as to why I'm having "protection" issues? When...
  23. CFilkins

    Is there anyway for to get D* to waive a 2nd receiver fee?

    The offer I got through AAA is that I could get 2 advanced receivers for my free offer was for one HD DVR and one HD receiver. I was able to upgrade the HD receiver to an HD DVR for $99 (instead of the normal $100). So it is possible to get two receivers for free. Not to mention...
  24. CFilkins

    Is there anyway for to get D* to waive a 2nd receiver fee?

    My bad...I misread what you were saying. Just coming from Dish, I know that they charge a per receiver DVR fee. Chris
  25. CFilkins

    Auto Pay and paperless billing perks????

    I think that they have a Go Green offer right now, which nabs you a $20 one time credit for signing up for paperless billing and autopay. Check it out on the web site. Chris