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    The End of VOOM?

    Just read another article from Colorado: "This satellite could be used for a wide range of purposes," EchoStar spokesman Steve Caulk said. "Among other things, it would give us more capacity and more flexibility." Several analysts said it is unlikely EchoStar will continue to provide the...
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    Box owners... who's left and what can we do?

    You don't have much recourse because E* now owns Voom, so E* will probably offer you a replacement box to recieve their service, if you elect to continue with them.
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    Dish 811 - P284 Update

    Same thing happened to me, was surfing OTA and lost one of the digital ones, I thought maybe they went off the air for some reason. Went back to satellite and nothing. Rebooted and the OTA digital was back along with the sat channels. Also been getting a phone line nag screen since I rebooted...
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    Dish 811 - P284 Update

    So far p284 is running perfectly here. P282 ran flawlessly on my 811 also, but p281 was a nightmare, at least 3 BSOD a week and one time it unsubscribed itself and I had no channels until a phone call fixed that.
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    Dish 811 - P284 Update

    It's P 284, I started with P282, don't know what happened to P283
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    Dish 811 - P284 Update

    Release Notes for P284 Courtesy of Jason Nipp and the Dish 811 Software Team. Original message by sprite1741
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    Does 269 Fix Timer - Power on Problem?

    No, you still have to turn the 811 and your vcr on first, then it will record ok. The 811 will turn on but just show a black screen.
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    Have yet to receive update??

    They have both 268 and 269 on their website as being current. Someone posted here a while ago that when they do that some boxes don't get the new software. Not sure why.
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    Info button

    My info box won't go away without hitting the button again to turn it off. It's always been this way, more proof there are different versions of the 811's out there. I had the tranparent screen up for over a minute and it was still up. I left the solid white background up even longer. I...
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    Info button

    Mines not doing that, I wish it was as I have to push it 3 times. First push gives me a transparent info screen, second push is solid white background and the third turns it off. I wonder if there is an option in one of the menus?
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    New software

    Not if it is not in your guide that you are using at the time. I have my favorites programmed in one guide and the dish button takes me to channel 105, as that is the first channel on my list.
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    New software

    Yes there is, Dish interactive.
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    New software

    It's 269 and It's bright on s-vid, I need to readjust the tv now.
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    New software

    New software p269 is here P 269 is downloading right now...
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    Any news on 269??

    I read somewhere 269 won't be out until late August or early September, which means anytime between now and infinity. Good luck on the dark fix, 266 fixed mine, there must be hardware issues but dish won't admit it.
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    811 unit locking up when turning on to view

    It's happend to me 3 times a few weeks ago but hasn't done it since. Exactly as you described, and I just unplugged it and plugged it back in to fix it. Been having thunderstorms here around the same time it was happening so I thought maybe lightning in the area causing power problems, or a...
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    Bye Bye Dish

    Let us know how Voom does for you, they seem to complain alot about their boxes too. I would think Voom would be worse for rain fade with their low satellite slot. I have only lost my dish signal once due to bad weather and it was during a storm where it got so dark outside the streetlights...
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    Today's the Day

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for software updates. They just seem to come out whenever, even though the CSR's may tell you a date. I just hope the next software update dosen't screw anything up. My 811 has been perfect since 266 came out. Before it was so dark I had to unsubscribe it...
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    Adjusting image up or down on 811

    It's in HD setup 6,1,9, click adjust, you move the image with the arrow keys.
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    New software downloading on my 811 now!

    What exactly is boot strap version refering to? Is it hardware or software? Mine is 1010LADD and the s-vid, composite, component and DVI all have the same brightness level. They didn't before, s-vid and composite were so dark I couldn't watch anything and be happy. It's much better now but...
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    Do you like or dislike the 811?

    Sure are a lot people that like it. Maybe I should call dish and have mine replaced because it dosen't work right. Problem is they want me to wait for the software to fix it because dish is saying they all have issues right now and a replacement won't be any better. But if that many people...
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    Do you like or dislike the 811?

    I didn't say anyone did it, only that it can be done. The site administrater could find out if it has been done or not. It has happened on another board I frequent, and the guilty party was found out and banned from the site. I just find it odd that within a very short time there were many...
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    Do you like or dislike the 811?

    This morning I was on this poll and watched at least 10 yes votes come in with 30 min. It's easy to cheat on these polls, just create a new account and vote as many times as you want. Lets post by user name whether you like it or not and see how many votes come in with a very low post count...
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    Do you like or dislike the 811?

    The 811 is crap, someones stuffing your ballot box.