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    New local (Cleveland) HD channels are on!!!

    Looks as though the Richmond (Va) locals are now in HD
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    Want a job? (Littleton, CO)

    I make more than that in retirement!
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    Cinemax for 1 year for .01 w/ autopay/paperless billing

    I called twice and was told I was not eligable since I already had C/max
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    What will you use for heat this Winter

    Electric (Heat pump) with propane backup
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    ESPN2 (9425) - Choppy Video

    Yes I am having it also, almost unwatchable
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    Installing a second dish

    My location is centeral Va. 23901
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    Installing a second dish

    Help and advise please. My current set up is a dish 1k.2 with DPP+ lnb's looking a 110/119/129 connected to a 622 and a 501. With the weak signal and drop outs from 129 I want to install a second dish. I have a spare dish 500 with DPro. lnb.What is the best action? Point the D500 at 129 or...
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    New install, question, re: signal strength

    I am havin HD installed on the 22nd with 129, I am in centeral Va (23901). What kind of signal can I expect?
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    DVR Advantage now AT200 min?

    Thanks Trumpit, hope you are right , I'll find out soon. Again Thanks.
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    DVR Advantage now AT200 min?

    I have a question on the DVRadvantage package. Have been a E sub for over six years. I have the AT 250 w/locals. A 501 and a 721. If I replace one of these receivers with a 622/722 other than the $20.HD fee what addl. fees will I have with the HD receiver such as Lease fee, DVR fee, HD...
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    History Channel HD

    Is this for History and History International?
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    I want to up grade to HD, I now have a 501 & 721, I would replace one of these with a 622 or 722. Would I pay a DVR fee and a lease fee?
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    Selling a 721...still repairable?

    My 721 just recently crashed and I had it replaced with another 721 on the DHPP.
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    Hughesnet Problems

    Yes installed two weeks ago. (4/3/07) Your system is pretty new isn't it.
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    Hughesnet Problems

    Thanks for the info. So I guess I'am on Sat. 93W TP 1086.
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    Hughesnet Problems

    [Thanks for the info. I am on sat 93W and TP 1086 Good speed during the day but slows at night. QUOTE=dirkleearm;873296]It will be listed as 89W or 127W etc... on the system info page. To get to system info type in the address bar and enter, you will see your modem and 4...
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    Hughesnet Problems

    How do you determine the Sat?
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    Rubber boots a must?

    Same here, with a little RTV silicone sealint
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    Does anybody know where the POP is for the Richmond, VA locals?

    My Richmond local's look fine to me on 105 tp7 on a721 and 501
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    Just got Yellow Card

    Swaped my card out today, it was painless. Everything woked.
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    Just got Yellow Card

    I received the Yellow card for my 721 in todays mail.
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    Just got Yellow Card

    I received the Yellow card in todays mail.
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    721 L1.74 Update

    Mine started getting the SW Update about 1PM est, as of 2 PM still downloading.
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    2 tuner DVR Promotions???

    I think E droped the ball on the 721, they should never have taken it out of production. Its the best two tuner box they have . Just my 2¢.
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    Clearing Purchase History

    FWIW I have a non reported event that was paid 3 months ago.