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  1. fbara

    XFinity App for AppleTv

    I've got Comcast tv and internet but I can't load the xfinity streaming application on my Roku XD. I meet all the minimum requirements Comcast listed for getting the streaming application to work on my Roku. I've tried downloading it and it looks like it's working but it doesn't show-up in my...
  2. fbara

    NHL Center Ice with NHL.TV

    I'm trying to have a conversation with rate and asking hin/her a question and I I don't see how this pertains to you or why you joined this site. real estate accused me of trolling and I'm pointing out that I've been on this site a long time which is the opposite of someone who is trolling...
  3. fbara

    NHL Center Ice with NHL.TV

    I've been on this site longer than you have so no trolling here, thanks. My question was serious. You put out a comment and I'm responding to what you said (that's why people comment here, isn't it?). Based on your stated preferences in programming, and Dish's lack of meeting those...
  4. fbara

    NHL Center Ice with NHL.TV

    We'll, that's a very nice comment and it sure does move the discussion along! Other providers have the service you're looking for so will you be switching because of this?
  5. fbara

    NHL Center Ice with NHL.TV

    Yes, it does because that's how Dish set it up right now. You have other options to watch TV, Center Ice, and NHL.TV. If it's that important to you then you should take advantage of those options. And adding a :-) at the end of your posts doesn't make the post any nicer or cover the...
  6. fbara

    NHL Center Ice with NHL.TV

    Correct. Nothing is 'free', you're paying for it when DirectTV increases other prices to cover that cost.
  7. fbara

    NHL Center Ice with NHL.TV

    With what I'm saving using Dish instead of DirectTV I can afford NHL.TV and a few Starbucks coffees each month. I'm glad Dish's is making those deals to keep the monthly costs down while people who want those extras have plenty of other options to get them.
  8. fbara

    Best solution for keeping snow off my dish

    All groovygoat does is post replies about dish armour (misspelled on purpose). It's the poster who should be locked for spam.
  9. fbara

    Animal Planet GO, etc, not offered for DISH?!

    Every one of those "Go"-type channels costs money to create and operate. I'd rather have a lower monthly payment than pay more for a "Go" channel I won't watch. It's great that we have options to pay more or less depending on what we want.
  10. fbara

    Hurricane Hermine and DISH

    I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and whenever a storm goes southwest of me I lose the signal.
  11. fbara

    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    So far, this guy's getting $105 for his used Dish OTH USB adapter. But shipping is free!
  12. fbara

    OTA Adapter Availability

    Do you have that link handy? I did a quick search there but couldn't find it.
  13. fbara

    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    That would explain why I'm seeing more Cubs games on WGN recently than I have in years. I thought they just moved the games there to annoy the Dish customers into calling. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. fbara

    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    I got the RCA antenna but no USB adapter so I can't plug it into my Hopper. I didn't need thing I'll find a package on my front porch.
  15. fbara

    Got my free HD OTA Antenna today

    I have to agree with Miner, without the OTA adapter it's very difficult to make good use of the antenna. I'm happy that Dish handed these out and I'm not complaining about something I received for free, it's just that it ended up having no value to me.
  16. fbara

    Dish BT Headphones

    I've had a pair of these for about a year. They're the worst headphones I've ever owned. The swiping for volume up/down only works about 25% of the time. My recommendation is to find a better pair with a more conventional-type of volume control.
  17. fbara

    DISH Partners with Common Sense Media

    This is great and will help those of us with families and small kids. I often check the Common Sense Media website for movie and TV show info.
  18. fbara

    dishstandsbyyou gives you a great credit for fox dispute

    You see what happens when we don't have carrier disputes to talk about!!
  19. fbara

    I tried Sling TV at CES 2015, and now I'm cancelling cable

    I usually only watch sports on 1 of the tv's in my house. The kids have their own tv, hooked up to the game console, in their 'game room'; rarely do they watch regular tv shows there. I'd be interested in this in order to drop down a package to something that costs less and then hook this up...
  20. fbara

    Amazon Echo

    If anyone doesn't want theirs then I'll buy it off of them. I submitted my request months and months ago and haven't heard anything yet.
  21. fbara

    Dish Surprise RSN Feed - CSN Chicago

    I better not see any Blackhawks games 'JIP' if they have enough bandwidth to do this! The only winning team we have in Chicago and there are times that I can't even watch the entire game because the Bulls/Sox/Cubs game is on at the same time.
  22. fbara

    Dropping Dish because of no Fox

    I don't think it has anything to do with Charlie's politics, it's all about the money. Dish is a business and their primary function is to make money for their shareholders. Keeping costs down is one way to do that. I doubt that Charlie, or anyone at Dish, considers their political beliefs...
  23. fbara

    Netflix comes to the Hopper with Sling

    That's interesting, I don't see that on my iPad or iPhone Netflix app and I've had Netflix for several months.
  24. fbara

    2015 Dish Price Increase

    2015 will be the year I seriously start to look at other providers. I know they all have price increases but if I can lower my monthly bill by $20-30 then that's a big win for me. Thanks, Frank
  25. fbara

    Dish dropping all RSN's (No they are not)

    That's interesting, I'm just the opposite. I see Dish as trying to keep price increases from going up (for their own sake, not ours) and CSN is the 'bad guy' in my view. CSN running crawls telling viewers to call Dish and complain is low-ball and, in my view, a disgusting negotiation tactic...