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  1. nanaberry

    Sky Angel IPTV,Turbo Charged Road Runner and Vonage

    I just received Sky Angel IPTV box today and am switching to Vonage also I already have Turbo Charged Road Runner with a Motorola SBV5220 SURFboard cable modem, I can get a Vonage V-Portal for $9.95 or a Motorola VT2142RB Certified Reconditioned free. The problem is I don't know which Vonage...
  2. nanaberry

    will this work?

    I already have Dish service with a dish 1000 and I have a switch box it has 4 imputs only 3 are being used. To get Sky Angel we have to put a second dish on the other side of our house. Np problem. My son has a SuperDish HDTV dish he no longer uses he said I could have it...will it work to...
  3. nanaberry

    Enter Here To Win: 1.2 Meter Dish And Stand

    I would like to win this dish for my son and his family who recently moved and are trying to cut costs, so at this time they have no tv service at all. FTA would be great for them.
  4. nanaberry

    voom/super dish question

    Item number: 5786842634 What else do I need?
  5. nanaberry

    voom/super dish question

    I just bought a Dish Network dp44 power supply and inserter on ebay is this what I need?
  6. nanaberry

    voom/super dish question

    I forgot what I needed to get voom service with my super dish. I know I needed another dish pointed at 61.5 but what was the other parts I needed to hook it with my super dish? Thanks
  7. nanaberry

    Can anyone help me?

    I have superdish and one 811 receiver and one regular receiver. I wanted to cancel my HD since I can't get Voom and have not watched any HD channels since we switched to Dish. I have no contract but the CSR said I can't cancel the service because I'm leasing a HD receiver. Is there any way I...
  8. nanaberry

    Wow...Dish Still Has Serious Equipment Issues

    I have an 811 & a 30? and we ordered some of the interactive games for the grandkids and every time they play on the 811 we have to reboot because there is no sound. The other receiver works fine though.
  9. nanaberry

    It's yours

    i would but when the dish guy installed my new dish he cut the cable from the antenna and ran the dish cable through the same hole. (I told him I wasn't going to use my antenna.) Now I have no way to check it. But shouldn't it work if it was working when I unplugged it?
  10. nanaberry

    For sale .....

    Trompeter coaxial cable connectors & grounding terminals I have 435, UPL220-025 Trompeter "full crimp' True 75~ connectors to Flexible Coaxial Cable (bagged individually and sealed)and over 500, grounding terminals some are straight others are bent. If anyone is interested PM me and make an...
  11. nanaberry

    It's yours

    I have 2 boxes, I got one in Feb 05 and the other in March 05. I unplugged them both on the 20th of April when I switched to E*. Does this mean they are OK to sell and they will still work for OTA? Thanks
  12. nanaberry

    Sick of phone calls can anyone help me?

    Dish Dude If you will read the forums several people have stated that they made several calls and when they get the right CSR they had most of the cost waved. Believe me if I had the money I'd have Voom right now. If I had waited 11 days I could have had the Voom deal Dish is offering. My...
  13. nanaberry

    Sick of phone calls can anyone help me?

    Its not that I want something for nothing! We just don't have the extra money right now and I miss my Voom. My husbands hours was cut down 10 hours a week so we are on a tight budget. you should watch your words...... not everyone has $300 to spend!
  14. nanaberry

    Sick of phone calls can anyone help me?

    I forgot to mention I have a superdish with an 811 and a 301.
  15. nanaberry

    Sick of phone calls can anyone help me?

    I have lost track of how many calls I've made to find out if I can get the Voom channels without an arm and a leg. I live in Ohio zip code 44833. I don't know if there are any ota channels that would qualify me for a dish at 61.5 or not. One CS even told me to call 1-800-WOW-HDTV and tell them I...
  16. nanaberry

    What hardware comes with Dish Voom $99.95 Deal?

    I called because we had superdish installed 4/20 and ask about the voom deal they said $200 for the DP-44 switch and $100 for the dish, No Thanks.
  17. nanaberry

    61.5 and Switch 64 setup question

    Superdish, 811 receiver, 301 receiver. Disconnect my cable that ran from my 811 to superdish connector and hooked up my voom dish to my 811 received 61.5 at 100%! Now the question is what do I need to get both my superdish and ny 61.5 going to my 811?
  18. nanaberry

    Post your VOOM Activation Stories here

    No voom yet for me, after 8 calls CSR said it would cost $299 because they have to change my dp34 to a dp44 to get 61.5. She said if i'd wait they will probably run some more deals later. Missin My Voom......
  19. nanaberry

    SuperDish and Voom

    hello I have superdish with locals. My son has a super dish at his house that has been disconnected. I also still have my Voom dish pointed at 61.5. Are there any parts that I can use from my son's superdish to get Voom channels?If so what do I need to hook it up? I don't know much about this...
  20. nanaberry

    Super Dish on 110/119/121

    Me again....My husband had a splitter that a tech. left here during one of the several visits we had from Voom installers. It is a........ Perfect Vision 3 IN - 4 OUT Multi-Switch 4 Way Multi-Switch with VHF/UHF antenna mixing. Up to four satellite receivers can independently select different...
  21. nanaberry

    Super Dish on 110/119/121

    I hate to sound dumb but what is a dp34 and a dp44? I just had E* superdish (with HD)hooked up 4/20, was a Voom customer. Can I use my Voom Dish? What do I need to do to get the Voom channels they are going to have? If I have to but a dp44 wher do I get one? I tried a search and nothing comes...
  22. nanaberry

    VOOM is TOAST, Let's move on !

    I to switched to E* 4/20 and I agree there is life after Voom. I do miss some channels but am finding new ones to take the place. And many of the SD channels are better. And to my amazement the install was a few days after I called and went flawlessly. After having techs here for Voom over a...
  23. nanaberry

    The end of Analog TV as we know it?

    Check out this link.
  24. nanaberry

    VOOMERS already switched to another Satellite service (not Cable), happy with HD?

    We switched to Dish and we are enjoying all the channels we are getting ,180plus and the few HD channels. I know most people here do not like Dish but so far it seems alright. We had it before when Primestar went bust and I must say it has improved since then. I will miss Voom but life does go on.
  25. nanaberry

    Express your history with Voom with emoticons....

    :welcome :wave :) :) :) :no :yes :) :love :love :love :no :no :what :mad: :no :mad: :no :yes :what :mad: :) :love :love :love :no :( :mad: :yes :love :love :love :clap :clap :love :love :what :no :confused: :) :love :love :clap :love :love :what...