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  1. Weezknight

    An open letter to ESPN/ABC Sports President George Bodenheimer

    I found the part about the Arena Football League to be pretty funny. This is a sport that embodies the ESPN-ification of sports in the 21st century. More points = more excitement, and yet they aren't covering it? Count me in as one of those who thinks ESPN needs a major overhaul! Although...
  2. Weezknight

    DISH Network and Echostar Statement Regarding PTO Ruling

    I'm no longer a customer of Charlies', but I will say that he usually does end up on top. If it wasn't for price point for the channels I wanted +Internet, I'd still be with Dish. I was very satisfied with the product and his "tactics" ;) .
  3. Weezknight

    If you are 30, or older, you might think this is hilarious!

    Yeah, I thought the microwave was a stretch. I'm 33 and I remember having a Microwave in '85. Oddly enough, that one is in my office now, and it STILL WORKS! The ones we've had at home since then die a lot quicker.
  4. Weezknight

    Appeals Court Finds Echostar in Contempt in TIVO Case

    I really don't think there's any immediate danger of them shutting off the DVR functionality if there is still a chance for the entire appellate court to hear the case. But I will say that this is a HUGE loss for E*. They had already been trying to upgrade people to mpeg4 receivers, so there...
  5. Weezknight

    Dish network called me a thief and cant live in a 2 floor house!

    I agree on this. People are stuck on the fact he said it is a "2-family house." He NEVER said he was living in both addresses. In fact he only said his family is occupying the basement & 1st Floor, which is only 1 of the 2 addresses located at that location. We have a lot of these in our...
  6. Weezknight

    Dish network called me a thief and cant live in a 2 floor house!

    I thought the OP's situation was: 1) Living in a 2-family home. 2) His family occupies the lower unit, which includes a basement living area (1 receiver), and a 1st-Floor living area (2-receivers). 3) Another family occupies the 2nd floor unit of the home (who knows what provider they are...
  7. Weezknight

    DISH Network Statement Regarding the FCC’s Program Access Decision

    Since Comcast, in Philadelphia, has also started showing sports on their "Comcast Network" Station (formerly CN8), I'm guessing that is going to have to part of the package they are going to require distributors to carry. Hoping for the best, since I've got a lot of friends who will love this...
  8. Weezknight

    Dish Network double bills customer an extra $2,000

    As someone who does volunteer credit counseling, you'd be amazed how many people just "write the check" every month without looking over their bills, etc. It's very frightening!
  9. Weezknight

    Scary news for the Bengals "Chris Henry, dead at 26"

    I just heard on the radio that he has, indeed, passed away. RIP Chris. So very sad.
  10. Weezknight

    On Demand Requirements

    Sorry to double post after myself, but I do want to add something. Stonecold- I'm guessing you are an installer from all of the posts I see you make. It's a shame that you don't serve our area, because you seem like an installer who takes the time to understand the product, and do your best to...
  11. Weezknight

    On Demand Requirements

    I think that is how all the confusion started in the first place. When the order was placed via the phone with D*, they said SD VOD was not a problem, and they were placing the order for the R22. This resulted in the first visit to the house, where the guy gets ready to go, then realizes he...
  12. Weezknight

    On Demand Requirements

    Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread. DirecTV has been out to the house twice now. The first without the correct receiver, and the 2nd time STILL without a proper receiver for VOD. Instead they brought a DVR for the bedroom, which they said was also on the order. This was...
  13. Weezknight

    On Demand Requirements

    The problem is that they don't need the HD part, and, of course, the HD-ready receivers are a lot pricer than their SD counterparts. So they'd be paying extra for something they won't be using.
  14. Weezknight

    On Demand Requirements

    Any idea where to come up with one of these? Everyone seems to be sold out and even local installer said they're having a hard time finding them.
  15. Weezknight

    On Demand Requirements

    My parents are looking to upgrade their old D* system to give them on-demand options. Does anyone know what receiver is needed? They only view SD, so no need for anything fancy. Also do we need to move their router to the TV location from the computer room or just run a new ethernet cable?
  16. Weezknight

    OK, who actually PLAYS sports?

    This is a great thread. I play in a soccer league that has 4 divisions. The league is setup with licensed referees, and the divisions are setup with Promotion/Relegation like a lot of the European leagues. Currently my team is in the 2nd division, looking to be one of the top 2 teams to...
  17. Weezknight

    Your smart card does not currenly have authorization to view or order this program.

    More than once, for a lot of those people, too. ;)
  18. Weezknight

    Your smart card does not currenly have authorization to view or order this program.

    Funny that they said it only affected a small percentage of customers. There were quite a few here in our little community. I find it hard to believe that if so many were affected here, that it wasn't a larger number of subscribers than they're letting on.
  19. Weezknight

    3Q 2009 Quarterly Earnings Report - October 26, 2009

    I don't know about predicting an actual number, but I can say that since they rolled out FiOS in my area on August 1, there have been a steady stream of Verizon trucks in the neighborhood everyday. I'm a happy customer now, and all of my neighbors are, as well, so I would definitely expect a...
  20. Weezknight

    Verizon may bid for D*

    Yeah but every provider has their share of "idiot" techs and contractors. The guy who did my FiOS install was top notch, and said he was very happy working for them, especially doing all of the FiOS rollout stuff. I actually bumped into him a few weeks after my install at a bike race and...
  21. Weezknight

    Potty Training

    One thing that worked for our daughter, who was potty trained at 2 also, was using a kitchen timer. We went cold turkey and went right to underwear, instead of pull-ups. We'd set the timer for 30-60 minutes, and let her play. When the timer went off we would get the potty and have her sit...
  22. Weezknight

    How do you feel about purists in sports?

    I guess I'm kind of a purist when it comes to sports. I don't see what we have today as an "evolution" of sports, but more of an ESPN-ification. It's amazing what the media can do to force new things onto the public and the sporting world. If baseball games were always 3-2, and hockey games...
  23. Weezknight

    Ready to pay MORE?

    I just switched to FIOS from Dish and I can't really see all the fuss about the DVR's. So far our experience with the FIOS DVR has been very similar to our 625 from Dish. We can still record 2 things on the main receiver and watch another show on another TV, plus we can watch our recorded...
  24. Weezknight

    Best / Easiest way to cancel?

    Thanks KAB. I just called the regular number. I got someone who spoke fluent English, so it was a quick and painless separation. They offered me 3 free months of Setanta Sports since I mentioned GolTV as one of the reasons for leaving. I declined, though, since at the end of the 3 months...
  25. Weezknight

    Best / Easiest way to cancel?

    For anyone who has canceled Dish in the past, is there a special number that makes the whole process painless, or do I need to just take my chances with the regular number? I've heard some horror stories about cancellations going badly, and I'd rather avoid any sort of problems.