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  1. Ray M

    why won't Dish fix their idiotic guide issues?

    Guide is sometimes just wrong, I set the h3 to record a movie but the recording is something totaly different, but the recording is still in the DVR listed as the movie I wanted to record. What about recording the show in two pieces one 55 minutes the other 7-8 minutes for a one hour show..
  2. Ray M

    OTA question for a clueless person (me!)

    I am paying $12 a month for locals (NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, and PBS) I can get these OTA but then I have two tuners for viewing and recording is not enough, also I was told that if I canceled the Local package I would loose the local guide for those channels without a guide I cannot record.
  3. Ray M

    OTA question for a clueless person (me!)

    I got an antenna from amazon to work for my OTA, since I can get my local stations from OTA can I cancel my dish local package and still get a working guide on the Hopper for those stations?
  4. Ray M

    New On Demand UI very ugly.

    The Hopper 3 software U548 update killed the "On Demand" search. Why? Scrolling through thousands of tittles is a futile! Please return to the old interface, it worked.
  5. Ray M


    I have lost the search function for "on demand" the look has changed, How do I search on demand now? The google assist is pretty much useless for searches.
  6. Ray M


    After U544 update the H3 will randomly reboot when watching YouTube, everything else works fine (on demand, Prime video, Netflix) only streaming with YouTube causes reboots. Anybody else have this problem?
  7. Ray M

    Netflix on joey remote not working

    When watching Netflix on my joey the pause, fast forward, and rewind buttons does nothing. works fine on tv shows and dvr. The remote is a model 54and a joey2.
  8. Ray M

    4k from BBCA

    Netflix on the H3 is in 4k
  9. Ray M

    Netflix resolution on Hopper 3?

    If you watch a show on Netflix on the H3 clicking the info button on the remote gives me a resolution in the upper right corner pf the screen. I varies a little depending on connection but I can get consistent 2160 on 4k shows
  10. Ray M

    Netflix Intermittant On H3

    My H3 with U336 forgets my password and makes me sign in every time I start the Netflix app, once in the app works fine
  11. Ray M

    Is it my external drive or is this just the way the Hopper 3 works?

    My H3 recognizes my EHD and says it is 90% full but does not show any of my recorded programs.
  12. Ray M

    Buggy Hopper?

    Hoppers can transfer files between them using an Ethernet cable, the hopper 3 does NOT always recognize an EHD created by another DVR so I would not trust that the files on your EHD would be recognized by the H3. Have the install tech set up a transfer between the hopper so you don't loose your...
  13. Ray M

    Youtube not working on H3?

    YouTube is causing my hopper to reboot or lockup on a blank screen every time I try to use the app, I did a reset as described by jsheridan but it still reboots or looks up when I try to access the app. I have to unplug from power to get it back.
  14. Ray M

    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    I am patiently waiting on my EHD to be recognized my 722k was rock solid but this hopper seems buggy and unreliable. Now the youtube app causes reboot every time, but the Netflix app seems to have fixed itself and works fine.
  15. Ray M

    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    Just upgraded from a 722K and had moved my saved shows to an EHD so I could move the shows to the Hopper 3. The hopper sees the drive but it is empty no recordings. The tech plugged in the 722K and the EHD and the shows are all there. I was told transferring shows from one DVR to another...
  16. Ray M

    Renewal Notice

    I just canceled mine with no offer to renew at a lower rate. Certanly not worth what they was asking.
  17. Ray M

    get half price Blockbuster @ home for 6 months , YMMV

    They should lower the price since Blockbuster no longer includes the disk at home and store exchange
  18. Ray M

    Al Jazeera America $5.00 a la carte ?

    why would one news station require a more expensive package than another, with the TOP 120 I get Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc. but no AJA?
  19. Ray M

    Al Jazeera and Blaze

    When I go to 215 i get a mesage saying I do not have the channel in my package and ask if I want to upgrade, I have the top 120 package.
  20. Ray M

    Dish: fix SD's aspect ratios to 16:9

    I need the option for widescreen SD
  21. Ray M

    Al Jazeera America $5.00 a la carte ?

    It is supposed to be channel 215 but does not show up on my TV in SD or HD. I am on the top 120 package, a news channel with less commercials would be great.
  22. Ray M

    Al Jazeera America

    So is dish going to carry Al-Jazzera, last night i channel surfed the news channels every one of them was on commercial break. no news.
  23. Ray M

    Important notice about your DISH account

    I got one, why would anyone fall for this?
  24. Ray M

    Sales Tax on DISH Network Satellite Programming in your state

    Oklahoma bill is $56.99 plus $1.37 sales tax
  25. Ray M

    Subscribe from Dish Online or from Reseller?

    I signed on when they had a $200 Amazon gift card going, no problems. I did it all online did not talk to anyone, pretty easy.